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We're thrilled to announce our second shop and it's in Canada! The wonderful, awesome, spectacular Baaad Anna's shop in Vancouver, BC, will be carrying our yarns that we are so very proud of. Come party with Little Brother and me on Friday, November 28th, from 7-10pm. Anna's known for her fantastic knitting parties and we'll be there with a trunk show full of knitted patterns of our own and other great indie artists we like to support. And, wait for it... we'll have One of a Kind gradients there too! These puppies are only available at shows, during special events and in our favorite yarn stores when they are in stock. If you are in the area, you won't wanna miss this!

Hugs & stitches!



knitting & shows

The First Ever YOTH KAL (#firsteveryothkal) is in full swing. It's been fun to see all the projects popping up on Ravelry. There are a lot of hats and small items, but some folks are even taking on sweater projects. I love that! Hubby made us a cool graphic to use for the KAL, so feel free to snag this image and share or post wherever you would like. It's definitely not too late to join in on the fun and there are five prizes to be had at the end! Details here and here.


Last weekend we had our first debut at a knitting marketplace, Knit Fit in Ballard, WA. We had so much fun! It was really satisfying and great to meet so many of the knitters that came out to see us. Thank you a million times over for all the love and support! And, if you didn't get a chance to make it out to this event, our next stop is Stitches West in February. We have lots of fun things planned for Stitches and 3 months is really not enough time to prepare!! Here's a little peak of our booth that we had at Knit Fit.

YOTH booth

Now that the show is over, I finally had a chance to cast on for the design project I've made a goal to finish during our KAL. Fingers crossed I can keep my word and finish it in time. It will be a very simple garment and that's all I can say without giving away too many details. Here's my swatch so far...

KAL swatch

If you don't already, follow us on Instagram to be a part of the #firsteveryothkal & #finishingfriday fun!

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kal + pattern shares

Are you ready for our First Ever YOTH KAL? It starts in just a couple of hours on my side of the world, but there's still plenty of time to join on the fun. The KAL runs the entire month of November and you can knit any project of your choosing, so feel free to hop in at anytime. Read through this blog post or join us in the Rav group for all the info.

I've decided that I'm going to design a small free garment pattern during the KAL. Once the KAL is finished, I'll share that pattern with you here. You can follow my journey and others' in Ravelry group while we knit through the month of November. And, can I just say, I think YOTH colors make for great holiday gifts. All the girls and boys in my family approve.

I also recently finished a pair of rejoice leg warmers. Remember this little freebie?! It was nice revisiting this pattern and knitting it out of Little Brother this time. They are luxurious and I'll be sporting them on my legs at the Knit Fit show next weekend. Can't wait! This might be a good one for the KAL, just sayin'. I made the M/L and ended up using a little over one skein in the Hazelnut colorway for the main color and just under 100 yds of Cracked Pepper for the contrast.



Pattern: rejoice
Designer: yours truly
Yarn: YOTH Yarns Little Brother
Colorways: Hazelnut & Cracked Pepper
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: Jane, as usual

Also, my sweet and super talented friend Susan just recently released a new hat pattern, Grace, on Ravelry. It uses about exactly half of a skein of Little Brother. This hat is so pretty and light as a feather. Hey, you could get rejoice and Grace out of 2 skeins of Little Brother, if you used a little something you may have at home for the contrast color on the leg warmers, and what spectacular gifts! Susan used a One of a Kind color from us, but I would say the Black Mission Fig is this color's cousin.



Happy knitting and I hope to see you in our KAL with us!



knitterly finds

I haven't done a knitterly finds in awhile and I seem to have stumbled across some fabulous knit worthy things recently. I thought I would share...

Buy yarn...smarter with StashBot for iOS! from Knitbot on Vimeo.

When Little Bro and I visited Maine, I had a chance to catch up and meet the very lovely and super talented Hannah Fettig. I had done some sample knitting for her throughout the years and so it was really a pleasure to actually meet in real life. She and her darling little girl, gave me an awesome tour of Portland via car ride and it was just my kind of site seeing. We chatted yarn, knitting, design, a bit about our goals for the near future, and how to juggle everything while being moms. It was really a sweet meet up and I hope that Hannah comes to visit here in Washington soon, so I can return the favor. One of the things Hannah told me about was the fantastic app and commercial she was putting together for Stashbot. If you don't know what Stashbot is, hop over to her page to check it out, but essentially it's a knitter's dream tool to help us estimate yardage needed for projects. I use and recommend her Stashbot book at Tolt Yarn & Wool, where I work, all the time. I'll actually have a few copies of this conveniently sized small booklet for sale at Knit Fit as well, which I hope you will visit me at. However, this new app looks even more handy and accessible, not to mention how perfect and funny the commercial above turned out. You need to watch it!

It was my birthday last week and my super smart and wonderful friend, Susan, gave me about the best little beading knitting tool I've ever seen! It comes in multiple sizes too. I have yet to actually use it in a project, but I had to try it out right away, and it's brilliant. I'm teaching a Beaded Shawl Class this Saturday, so perfect timing to share and I'll have some at Knit Fit with me!

Our MCN yarns are so soft and cuddly... cashmere and merino, mmmmmm! Unfortunately that means that pilling can be an issue, so I'm always on the look out for the perfect pill removing gizmo, and I think I have found it. Again, I'll have them at Knit Fit and half of them are already spoken for by the gals at my Stitch Circle.

Now that the website is live, orders are flowing in, Little Bro is happily handling the mailing in a timely manner and I'm about to turn into a knitting machine to crank out multiple samples for the Knit Fit show. We'll see what that really means at the end of the day, but in the meantime it means I get to spend some Ravelry time working up a knitting queue with the latest and greatest. I'm drooling over these puppies:

Fading Lines Joji never disappoints and I think our Little Brother gradient sticks (available exclusively at Tolt and we'll have them at Knit Fit!) would look spectacular in this.

a 'woolly & warm & tres long' scarf by beautiful friend and co-worker Tif aka Dottie Angel. She is a skilled expert in the craft of crochet and I think her new freebie crochet pattern would look delightful in Big Sister.

Have you seen cabinfour?! I stumbled across this gal at work when someone mentioned her patterns and I want to make everything. Our color palette would make a foolproof match for her designs, in my opinion.

There's more, but I have to run and start knitting now. I still have leg warmers to finish. Hugs & stitches!



raw palette


I thought I would drop in to share our inspiration for our Raw Palette that we created and tell you a little bit about how it all works and blends together. When we were just beginning to build our brand and discuss what we wanted our company to represent, Little Brother and I both wholeheartedly agreed that the neutrals are the most basic building blocks to any collection of colors. Not only are muted and refined grays, navies and browns our favorite to wear, but they really are a beautiful aesthetic that we believed we could create and bring to the knitting world.

We knew that we wanted 12 colors in each palette and 4 palettes to complete our collection of 48 sophisticated hues that we will ultimately have. We chose to break up our four palettes into groups of colors and individually name them to reflect the feeling of each grouping while still staying true to the food theme we wanted to carry throughout our brand. Here is what we came up with: Raw Palette, the stunning neutrals that we love, Fresh Palette, the earthy blues and greens that are our second favorites, Juicy Palette, the golden sunlit yellows and oranges that mom adores, and Roots Palette, the ravishing reds, purples and pinks that every collection needs. We have plans to release each palette of 12 colors a couple of months apart while we develop and build our company. If everything goes right, we will be debuting our Fresh Palette at Knit Fit in Ballard, WA, November 8th and 9th, and then we will be working hard to bring it online to those of you who are not close enough to meet our yarns in person.

Knowing we had 12 opportunities to play around with the neutral side of things we began by splitting up the dozen into 3 categories: charcoal, navy and brown. Then we broke each category even further into 4 shade levels, starting with the darkest and going down to the lightest in each of the color themes. I specifically wanted each color to be different from its neighbor in the bunch. I didn't just want to dye the same color in 4 different tones; however, I wanted all the colors, especially the ones within each theme, to really play and blend well together. You can see what I mean in the pictures above. Starting at the top and working left to right here are the colors:

Charcoals - Cracked Pepper, Wild Rice, Poppy Seed & Sea Salt
Navies - Caviar, Black Mission Fig, Saba & Oyster
Browns - Portabella, Cacao, Shiitake & Hazelnut

Ever since I was little girl, I've loved rainbows! Now, that I'm older and lean more toward toned down color selections, I still tend to happily organize things by rainbow-esque order. It could also be the organizational controller in me, I like my ducks in a row! This love of blending and coordinating colors makes me really gravitate towards ombre and gradient color themes and projects. It all goes hand in hand and is another reason I wanted our palettes to be organized as such. I think our 3 groupings would make spectacular options for some of these patterns I've been drooling over lately... Auri in Big Sister or a lighter weight version in Little Brother, Aranami Shawl which I'm planning to knit up very soon (hopefully for a sample for Knit Fit) using Little Brother, Drawing Nigh is so sweet and would look beautiful out of Little Brother, and I have big plans to make a Welty in a gradient of neutrals (also for Knit Fit, if I can somehow add a couple extra hours to each of my days!).

Even though I find enjoyment out of the way each grouping goes so well together, I really think that all of our colors harmonize together perfectly and any combination would be splendid. I hope that you enjoy reading about our ventures and let me know if there is anything that you are curious about. I love sharing and letting our followers in behind the scenes whenever we can. Happy knitting!


P.S. Don't forgot to join in on the First Ever YOTH KAL with us! Lots of great prizes and fun to be had.