endless summer // surf & sand

It's Endless Summer shawl time again! The warm summer days are winding down and the mornings are crisp. It is the perfect time to start a new project and finish just in time to wrap your neck up during the cooler months. We hope you enjoy the first shawl of the series: surf & sand.

During my travels, I visit a lot of wonderful yarn shops and like most knitters, I enjoy finding goodies to bring home. I'm loving all the speckles right now and what I love even more is being able to pair those speckles with our neutral tones. The speckled yarn in this project is a fun skein of Walk Collection Linea in the color Seashells that I picked up at the fabulous StevenBe shop in Minneapolis earlier this year. I knew right away that I wanted to pair this interesting linen, alpaca, silk blend with a skein of our Mother yarn in Shiitake. The two textures of each of the yarns compliment each other exceptionally well and I appreciate the matte finish of our base in a subtle warm taupe next to the multi-colored Linea.

This pattern is not for the faint of heart... it features a slipped stitch pattern worked in an interesting method, a biasing triangular shawl construction, selvedge stitches, half twisted stockinette stitch, and a complicated edging that looks like crochet when you are finished. All worth the work, in my opinion, and if you're not into the scallops, just leave them off.






Happy endless summer knitting and stay tuned for the next shawl in the series!



a YOTH gallery experience + a new pattern

We're rolling into Minneapolis this week to host a big event we've appropriately named the YOTH Gallery Experience at StevenBe. We're pulling out all the stops and setting up our entire booth inside of StevenBe! Come visit with us if you are near by. Details on our Events page.


Other than that... we have a new pattern for you. Thank you to all the knitters out there that we met along our travels recently who have been waiting patiently for this to launch. We hope you enjoy this sweet relaxing knit using our newest Mother yarn, a heavy lace weight that shouldn't scare you off with the word lace. It's a treat to knit and an interesting shape with buttons and eyelets along the edges that make it wearable in a million different ways. Named after our dear friend, Jenny, that we love so much!





Hugs & stitches!

-Veronika, Big Sister


poms on everything!

I've spent quite awhile recently searching and sourcing fur pom poms. I kept debating between ethically sourced genuine or faux fur... back and forth, back and forth. Love the look of real, but honestly, how long are huge fur pom poms going to be on trend? Would I really want to spend the bucks on the authentic stuff? I think I've found the perfect compromise.

pom poms-3

pom poms-2

pom poms-1

Aren't they wonderful?! We currently have only black in stock and they're going fast. The hat is my 'izel' pattern, and remember that you get free shipping with 3+ skeins. Order 2 Big Sister skeins for the 'izel' and a Father skein for the Father Cables or Thea Colman's Another Bourbon and then add enough poms to make your heart content. Done and done.

Hugs & stitches!



mother marls

A sweet and simple hat & mitts set for you. Using two skeins of our new American made heavy lace weight Mother yarns, available in our 12 Raw Palette colors. Marl it up to your heart's content and enjoy this free pattern on us. Happy holidays, everyone!






Hugs & stitches!



father cables

It's been a whirlwind past couple of weeks! The launch of Tolt Yarn and Wool's beautiful book, Farm to Needle: Stories of Wool, that we are so honored to be featured in. We've released our new all American wool yarn base. Mother, the sweet and beautiful heavy lace weight and Father, the true and hardworking worsted. You can find the new yarn dyed up in our twelve Raw Palette colors. Plus, we're gearing up for our wonderful local yarn show, Knit Fit, this weekend that we love so much. It's definitely not boring around these parts.

So, to celebrate the launch of our new yarns and all the commotion, we've put together a free unisex hat pattern perfect for the gift giving season. Lots of twisting cables amongst a neat textured stitch background. It's sure to be a classic and hit for all the deserving knit lovers in your life, or yourself. Enjoy!




Hugs & stitches!