kira's hooded vest

I have a very special project to share with you today. Back at the beginning of March just shortly before the tragedy in Japan struck, I spotted an ad on Ravelry for a pattern that I immediately fell in love with, Kira's Hooded Vest by Yumiko Sakurai. I promptly contacted the designer and asked if I could knit her pattern and do a small feature for it on my blog. Yumiko is a truly sweet lady and she was happy to oblige. Just a few short days after we spoke, the disaster in Japan struck.

Kira's Hooded Vest is a pattern that Yumiko designed for her adorable nephew who lives in Japan, and the earthquake displaced Kira and his family in the days following it. The family is now safe; however, not everyone in Japan has been as blessed. Yumiko is generously offering all the proceeds of sales of the Kira's Hooded Vest to disaster relief and the help of Kira and his family. I truly believe in fate and I know that this pattern was brought into my life for a good reason and that's to share it with you, my wonderful and caring followers. I'm blessed to have such a large and kind following and sharing such giving patterns with you is a special treat for me.

This pattern is adorable and I loved knitting it so much, that I couldn't put it down. I finished the knitting on it in just a few days! Yumiko is a very talented designer and has a great eye for attractive and trendy style. This pattern is worth the price for just the star stitch design alone, in my opinion. It was extremely addictive and I plan on using it in the future for other knitted items. I could totally see using it in a Textured Shawl! Either way, I think this pattern has not only a great cause behind it now, but is a lovely knitted garment for the perfect l'il girl or boy in your life. My knitted vest is going to one of my BFF's son who is turning 1 year old this weekend. Here are some of my pics of this darling vest...

You can check out my project page here.

You can purchase the pattern here.

You can visit Yumiko on her site here.

And, you can see a picture of Kira and learn more about his family here.

Happy Friday, everyone!!



Maryse said...

It is indeed a beautiful pattern and an important cause. I think Japan is a great nation that we should all learn from. Thanks for the links! I'll get a copy of this beautiful pattern over the weekend. Isn't Kira too cute?

BrittanyLaine said...

That is gorgeous! Yours knit up beautifully.

1funkyknitwit said...

The news coming out of Japan are awful but wonderful that you can promote this for a great cause.

I love how yours turned out, very cute :)

Turtle said...


Unknown said...

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