meet Marc and your Malabrigo Worsted

THE WINNER OF LAST WEEK'S CASCADE 220 IS.......fiberfrontlines who posted that she loves, loves, loves Cascade 220! Congratulations, Katie!

This week it's my wonderful husband modeling the yarn. Without him, this blog wouldn't be as beautiful as it is! He put together the whole thing and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Thank you, sweetie.

I have decided to continue in the theme of the most used yarns on Ravelry projects and I've chosen a beautiful new color, 622 SFO SKY, in Malabrigo Worsted for the 2nd giveaway. As of right now while I am writing this blog post, there are 40,282 projects on Ravelry using this yarn. As I mentioned before, this is one of my most favorite yarns to work with and the variegated grays of this color are amazing, in my opinion. Also, both skeins are the same dyelot number for you of course. What do ya think?!

I've been trying to think up how to make the comments for this giveaway more fun, and I haven't come up with much! However, I think the yarn is fun in and of itself! So, I would like you to do the following if you would like to be entered into this week's giveaway:

1) Have an address in the US to ship the yarn to. See house rules for further details.

2) Post a comment on this blog post by the end of Saturday, 2/13/10, introducing yourself. Tell us a little about who you are. What's your name? What are you currently knitting? Who are you on Ravelry? What's your favorite yarn? Your favorite color? Let's have some fun getting to know each-other, while getting the chance to win some great yarn!

3) Please post only one comment to give everyone a fair chance.

I will announce the winner of this giveaway next Monday again while introducing the 3rd giveaway. Check back soon. Good luck to all and thank you for visiting the blog!!




Heather said...

My name is Heather, and I'm Muppetfeet over on Ravelry. Right now I'm working on two blankets, a sweater, and a hat. I also have a purse and a pair of socks staring balefully at me and begging me to do the finishing on them.

I like all kinds of yarn. Wool is really my favorite fiber, but I like to give everything a chance, even acrylic. I tend to like rougher yarns, but I would never turn up my nose at something soft. What I like to knit with really depends on my mood.

My favorite colors are numerous. I love purples, oranges, greens, browns, and reds. I don't love blue and yellow so much, but in the right shade or combination I often find myself changing my mind.

I guess I'm a changable knitter. I like to try new things, and I'd like to thank you for starting this awesome blog! The chance to learn more about different yarns is great!

PS. I'd love to see your reviews and/or thoughts about the yarn in question each week. That way, even those who don't win have a chance to "get to know" the yarn!

Anonymous said...

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm a winner!!!!! Thanks so much, Ve!!!!! I'm a giddy giddy girl.

Amy said...


My name is Amy and I am knitterofhats on Ravelry. I picked knitterofhats when I signed up for Rav because I loved to knit hats, mainly for charity. At that time, hats were the most complicated thing I could knit.

I have expanded into knitting other things and have enjoyed challenging myself with new patterns and new techniques in the last few months, since I have been more active on Rav.

My favorite color is always going to be red. My favorite yarns are soft ones in worsted weight. I don't care about fiber content...just softness.

Here is a suggestion for a future comment: You could do some kind of "scavenger hunt", asking people to do some research about the yarn you are giving away via Ravelry. The questions could be about the yarn and/or projects people are using to make it. It could be just two or three questions to answered. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

My name is Andrea and I'm peatmoss83 on Ravelry. Right now I'm working on a baby blanket and a sweater that I thing may end up too small! We'll see..

My favorite yarn is Malabrigo silky merino. Not only does it come in gorgeous colors but it has great drape. I really don't have a favorite color, I love them all. I tend to knit with more neutrals though.

Thanks for another great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I have only ever squeezed Malibrigo. Never knit with it.
I would love to make a sock monkey with Malibrigo.
My name on ravelry is Manitoba2ct.
Right now I knitting, 3 pair of socks, one for me, one for me and one for hubby. lol
I am also knitting myself a sweater, the back and one front panel are done. I love WIPS!!!
I like to make fun things and practical things. I mostly seem to knit stuff for loved ones.
I think your malabrigo should be a brand new sock monkey and I shall name her after you. My other sock monkeys have all been Noro and Malabrigo would be much softer.
As for your hubby Marc, did you mean his pictures makes the website look great or his web abilities make the website look great? Hehehe
He is pretty darn cute you know and models the malibrigo well. Okay enough brown-nosing on my part. Truthfully, I really want to make a sock monkey with the Malabrigo. There are a few of my other sock monkeys in my projects on Ravelry if you choose to take a look.:)
Brenda Frechette

Stephanie said...

Hi! My name is Stephanie, I'm sjn821 on Ravelry, and I found this blog from a posting in the Malabrigo Junkies forum. I absolutely love Malabrigo yarns. I would say that their Worsted is still my favorite and I wish that they would create a single ply fingering weight yarn. I am currently working on two hats and a scarf since we are deep in winter here in Cleveland. I love bright, saturated colors, especially jewel tones, but my favorite color of all time is lime green (like Malabrigo's Lettuce). I would love to win the chance to try out SFO Sky!

KnittyBron said...

Grats to Fiberfrontlines! How fun is that? :-)

Hello again Ve! I love how your family is helping with the modeling!

My name is Bronwyn, KnittyBron on Ravelry! I have to say that I really REALLY love Malabrigo! I have only made a few things with it and enjoyed it every time! It's so pillowy soft and relaxing to knit with and for me has been quite agreeable. In fact I'm about to cast on with some to make a "Fashion Scarf" (as she calls them) for my daughter's birthday.

The only thing I wish about it is that there was more of it in superwash so I could make things for my Grandson. I do not yet have the patience to do a larger project in sock yarn. LOL

Um about me, well even though I have known how to knit for nearly two years, I still consider myself a new knitter because my confidence level in my skills is not that high yet. I still can't look at a pattern and say "I can do that!" It's usually..."Oh lord, I don't think I can do that yet!" I also have really bad knitting ADD... I lose interest in projects and put them down as soon as I get really discourged...which is sad. But I love it when I do something right!

The one bad habit that I have to break this year is saying "Oh I would love to knit you a..." which then leaves everyone waiting for something and me feeling overwhelmed and guilty. I guess I got too excited when I finally learned how to knit! LOL

Okay...enough rambling...sorry. Thanks for doing these giveaways and I hope we eventually can do some KAL's or something with you!

Anonymous said...

On ravelry I am Knitella / Ella. I've just cast on with some varigated brown Arucania Atacama alpaca for a pattern I found on ravelry (LGH Scarf).

Natural fibers are my faves although novelty yarn has made its way into a project or two.

I love knitting for others, so the colors I use often depend upon the recipient. My fave colors include steel blue/gray, denim blue, and richly saturated deep colors.

Your blog interests me and I second Heather's comment about about wanting to read your musings on yarns. I'm drawn to learning from others about various yarns.

Your giveaways are lovely!

Marlitharn said...

I'm Julie - Marlitharn over on Ravelry. I've got an EPS sweater on the needles for my daughter, and a lace shawl in some yummy Knitpicks Shimmer. Next up, I think, will be a raglan sweater for my best friend's toddler - I like knitting for tiny people, it goes really fast!

I don't really have a favorite yarn - I like all things soft and smooshy! My favorite colors are blues and purples and browns and grays and some greens and pinks (or any combination of all of the above).

Thanks for the giveaway! (Does it say something about my state of mind that I stared at the yarn for a full five minutes before noticing there's a cute guy holding it?)

mprezzia said...

I'm Maria(ilovewool on Rav). I've got 3 shawls(Andrea's Shawl, Pavonis Shawl, and Magnificent Mantle), mittens, toys, and several other things on the needles(or hook,as the case might be;)

I'm not really a fiber snob, I just love wool the most because it doesn't squeak when I knit with it! I use Patons Classic Wool/Merino Wool the most, but I've used Malabrigo a few times and I love it!
My favorite color is pink, but I'm working with pretty much every color now in my projects.

Thanks for holding the giveaways!

CraftyLaDonna said...

Hi, my name is LaDonna. I'm CraftyLaDonna over on Ravelry. I have a craft blog called From the Craft Room and a personal blog called Domestic Geek. I've been knitting a little over 2 years, but have crafted in one way or another my whole life. I'm a good crocheter, but could never get the hang of knitting until I was taught on circulars. I can't control tension on the long sticks.

The WIP list is long (I have a hard time finishing things). Right now I'm finishing up a dishcloth from a KAL in which I'm participating. I've got a couple of bags I've finished waiting to be felted. I'm still working on some Christmas stockings. I have a clapotis that's coming out of hibernation for Ravelympics.

I've never knit with Malabrigo, though I just received some in a swap to make some bed socks.

I don't really have a favorite yarn. I tend to look for whatever will work for my current project. I do tend to gravitate towards Cascade 220, though, because of the color selection & price. I do adore the feel of alpaca, though. I've only knit a scarf in it. I absolutely love greens and blues most, but like most colors.

marianne said...

I'm Marianne and beforesunrise on ravelry. currently I'm knitting a neverending sweater with sock yarn and size 2 needles. I love malabrigo and would be thrilled to win some. thanks for this giveaway!

scarfhappy said...

Hi! I'm Stephanie, and I'm benningsm on Ravelry! I'm currently finishing up a Bella Baseball Scarf! There's also a few other things in my WIPs.. an afghan, a sweater, socks, the list goes on! ;) I'm a habitual starter. =)
My favorite yarn just happens to be Malabrigo Worsted!! I just LOVE how soft it is, and the colors it comes in. I was so excited to see this giveway, and couldn't wait to leave my own comment. =)
My favorite color has to be green! Or orange... or red.. or anything bright, really!!
This blog is great, and I'll definitley be following you from now on! I love the idea of learning about other knitters, as well as different types of yarn! Since I'm about 1.5 hours away from the closest yarn store, drooling over the yarns online is as good as it gets most of the time. =)

Rachel O said...

I'm Rachel. I am not on Ravelry (does this invalidate my entry? I do live in the US) since I am afraid of getting addicted. I also don't blog but lurk around them.

I mostly knit small things - fingerless mitts, hats, neckwarmers. I've never used Malabrigo but hear about it all the time. There is only one LYS and it is near work. They don't carry Malabrigo and so I've never even felt it.

Favorite colors: purple, blues, reds.

oonagh said...


gorgeous yarn.....

currently i'm working on a vest, "knit vested and stylish" (in knitpicks 'marine' swish worsted), for wearing with a steampunk outfit.....
i've got way too many WIPs going, including thigh-high socks for me, a scarf-hood for my DSD, a promised pair of alpaca socks for my SO....
i end up knitting lots of beanie hats, cause the SO wears them in the workshop and tends to get them filthy......
i love jewel tones; garnet, cobalt, amethyst, onyx, and hematite (or red, blue, purple, black, and grey!!).

lots of what i knit is wearable to work: we're medieval reenactors, and merchant our blacksmithing stuff.....so warm fuzzies are a good thing, either stuck in a tent in all weather, or a big drafty hall somewhere.....

i also do some spindle-spinning, and like mesmerizing small children with it!!!

thx for the giveaways, very cool, wonderful pics!!!

oh yeah, and i'm OonaghFibersmyth on ravelry....

Kristen said...

I'm Kristen (globalite on Ravelry) and I'm currently working on a second set of Bella's Mittens for a friend. I already knit one pair for another friend and I want to get this pair finished for use this winter. My favorite color is green, but I love pretty much and tonal color yarn. After I finish the mitts I'm going to try a shawl in fingering weight green yarn. Can't wait!

Sara said...

For starters - my name is Sara and I am nhsarab on Ravelry.

Just finished a pair of socks that I was making for someone...and cast on another pair of socks for someone else. Once I finish this pair of socks I will be knitting for me!

Love all kinds of yarn - and I have never knitted with Malabrigo.

Colors - well, that's another story. I love all colors - but, I have to say that my current favorite is turquoise. It has been following me around for a while now.

Besides knitting I also quilt...

I have added you to my bloglines - so I can keep up with you and what is happening at your blog...

Suzie said...

Hi I'm Susan, and I'm Suzieknittingmama on Ravelry. I'm a sock knitting freak, as well as a knitting freak in general=). I'm currently knitting the "Zen Coat" pattern by Lion Brand, and am using LB Wool-Ease as a test yarn. If the coat looks as nice as I think it might, then I'm going to splurge on some nicer yarn. Wool is my favorite fiber to use, followed by cashmere blends, but I will give every fiber a chance, and have many different kinds in my stash. I love your blog, and am a follower.

Jess said...

Hi! I'm Jessica, craftypants of ravelry. I'm currently knitting a one-skein stole out of scratchy Noro. I'm also crocheting a cute little penguin amigurumi for my good friend.

My favorite yarn is actually Malabrigo! I've actually only tried Malabrigo Chunky, but I loooved it. It's one of the only wools that I can wear. My favorite color at the moment is probably gray, but I love blues and plums too.

If I win, I plan to make my father and brothers all Trilobite hats, so they can be both geeky AND warm:)

sparky136 said...

My name is Patsy. My Ralvery name is sparky136.( old timers called electricians sparky and I am a retired electrician. 136 is my local number in Birmingham, AL) I am currenty knitting a sock yarn shawl. I love beautiful yarns and the yarn your hubby is holding is very beautiful. Blue is my favorite color. Sparky136

Liz said...

My name is Liz (Lizbert on Ravelry - creative, right?). The name comes from the fact that my boyfriend and his brother are both dating Elizabeths. I go by Liz she goes by Beth. His brother thought it'd be fun for us to be Lizbert and Bethbert. Bethbert never stuck, but now I am Lizbert.

I'm a research assistant for a University, but in my free time I knit. As I apply to grad school, more and more knitting has happened as I use it to destress.

I've got a pair of cabled socks as well as two shawls (one Ishbel, one just simple triangle with stripes). The variety means I can choose different projects depending on how much I want (or can) focus. I've always been a green/gray/black sort of person, though I've tried to brightening things up with some deep rich orangey-reds. I must, mmmmmMalabrigo is some of my favorite yarn to work with. Even balling that yarn is fun.

Unknown said...


I'm purple on Rav. I am mostly a sweater knitter, and my favorite yarn weight is worsted, but I have not had the opportunity to try any Malabrigo.

Favorite color - well, duh, purple, of course, but I also like its components red and blue well enough.

I live in NJ but I'm a New York ex-pat.

Quinn said...

I'm Quinn on rav and elsewhere, and my latest projects are socks (BFL from STashUp on etsy) and a couple of squares that left for the UK today to become part of an international (and secret) birthday present.
No favorite yarn (unless "sock" counts as one yarn!) and I love lots and lots of colors. BUT my first experiments in dying will commence later this month, with natural plant materials harvested in the Autumn. VERY exciting!

Thanks for the giveaway...I've heard so much about Malabrigo, but have not yet tried it :)

Anonymous said...

i'm a student at MIT, busily working and trying to finish up my senior year. i'm knitmit on rav. my mom owns a yarn store, so i get to choose from many different yarns and projects. right now im working on a scarf for a customer. my favorite color is red. and i love malabrigo :)

Cat said...

Hi! I'm Cat, or JemimaPuddleducks on Rav. I just finished a pair of Thujas for my lovely and ever-patient boyfriend, and am currently pondering what to cast on next, even though I still have several WIPS.

Wool is my favorite fiber, probably, although I have some yummy baby alpaca and also some camel blend waiting in my stash. My favorite yarn is definitely Mmmmmalabrigo. I love knitting hats out of it, because it's less of an investment for a broke college kid. Green is my favorite color and always has been.

Anonymous said...

My name is Julie, on Ravelry I'm sockmonster. Right now I'm working on a baby blanket for my sister-in-law and have a few projects that need finished in my knitting bag.

sheep#100 said...

I'm trekcelt on Ravelry and I've never knit Malabrigo!

Lori said...

My name is Lori (LoriNY on rav). My work is incredibly stressful - a dying industry (publishing) on Madison Ave., in NY. oy. So I knit every non-working, awake moment. Right now, I'm knitting a white lace shawl for my 2nd daughter's wedding this summer. I'm also knitting my 3rd Ishbel, a pair of socks for my youngest daughter in college, and a pair of socks for my oldest daughter.

I think my favorite color must be red, but I only seem to wear black. My favorite yarns are madelinetosh (all) and malabrigo (all). What a great blog you have! Mine is down right now and the hosting service isn't being helpful at all. SO frustrating!

phoenixfire said...

My name is Tracy, and I am Phoenixfire on Ravelry. Right now, I am knitting a February Lady Sweater in Araucania Atacama, and I just finished a pair of Sam socks from Sock Innovation. I am working my way through every pattern in the book.

My favorite yarns are Araucania Nature Wool and Malabrigo--I love the Silky and the worsted. My favorite sock yarn at the moment is Yarn Pirate.

MEBacons said...

Oooo a new color of delicious Mal! That would be extra fun to knit into something special, hmmm...

My current WIPs are a cabled cardigan(my first adult sweater), baby booties (my first item for feet) and a baby cardigan (my first baby sweater). I am
newxtine40 on Ravelry. I started knitting a bit over a year ago and I love it!

I know this may sound lame, but I'm really having trouble naming my favorite yarn. I'm loving the look and feel of Blackstone Tweed and it's fun to watch the colors of Noro turn into something unexpected.

I love greens, blues and orange (not hunter orange, except maybe for a pumpkin hat : ))

Thanks so much the opportunity to get some free hyper-gorgous yarn!

PS Am I the only one who has trouble with 'word verifications'??

Amybel said...

Hi Ve, It's Amybel. My name is Amanda but for some reason my online presence (blog, Ravelry) has taken over as Amybel, which was a nickname from my grandfather from the minute I was born.

I love working with wool but also use acrylic quite a bit because I know my two boys wont destroy it, and if they do it's not a big deal. I use Patons wool most of the time since I do not have an LYS nearby or a big enough budget! I have actually never felt Malabrigo (oh the shame!) but from everything I've heard about it I'm surprised you want to give some away:).

I am a sucker for greens but like grays, tans and other natural colors best. I'm usually a monogamous knitter but I currently am working on a few projects. A nimbus sweater, a learn to knit socks KAL, and some super cute hearts for V-day!

Let me know if you ever want to give away some cheap stuff...I have a while room full!!!

sarah said...

my name is sarah, i'm sadiekate on ravelry. currently i'm working on a small stuffed kitten and two pairs of socks (because one is just plain and the other has a design, i get bored :) )

i knit with just about everything. mostly acrylics, but i have some wool and alpaca,too.

i like oranges, greens, yellows, and blues. particularly bright shades of each!

i also run my own knitting blog @ http://sadiekate08.blogspot.com if you'd like to check it out :)

Jags said...

I'm Anastey, and my name over on Rav is Jaguarrior

Currently I'm working on a lace scarf out of sock yarn (Isobel), a cowl out of random novelty yarn, a dishcloth or two, and several pairs of fingerless mitts. I'm going to be starting a shawl out of phat fiber samples and my own small amounts of lace and sock weight hand spun, and also our knitting group is going to be starting a shawl of some kind too soon.

We don't have a LYS here so I'm pretty limited on what i can buy local, no Malabrigo here *cry* I spend a lot of my time recycling yarns from sweaters to sell in my shop and to use for myself. I have discovered that i am in love with beautiful sock yarn and and too broke to buy it very often right now :(

I've been spinning on my spindle since Dec of 2008 and this last december I learned how to knit! I tend to spin 3ply sock weight and sometimes lace weight yarns. i ALWAYS have something on my spindles, and it us usually phat fiber samples because I love trying all the different fibers

I don't really have a favorite color when it comes to yarn, but i do tend to favor rich saturated colors and earthy tones too

I love to try new things and I try to learn a little something new with every project! so Far I've done ribbing and lace, but I need to learn how to cable soon

I've only had a chance to pet this yarn when my friend was knitting it up, there isn't anywhere to buy it here and I like to see my yarns in person when I buy them most of the time to get a better sense of the color

i hope i win so i can finally get a chance to knit with something so lovely and the color is stunning! I might even be able to knit something for my picky hubby with it!

mysticmoon said...


I'm mysticmoon on rav. I love hand dyed yarns, wools, am partial to rich blues, browns and greens. Malabrigo, Marisol, The Alpaca Co and Spud and Chloe are currently my favorites, but I love supporting the indie spinners as well. That goes for indie designers too! Mmm, I just love yarn and can't think of anything I'd much rather do than relax and knit!

Cheryl S./sdbrncacherry said...

Okies, my name's Cheryl. My name's SDBrnCACherry on Rav. You'll see that I live in Canada right now, but I'm originally from the States, which is where my family live. Ohhh, if they could see some of yarn out there besides Red Heart, that would be so lovely. Anyhow, I'm knitting a Moderne Cabin Blanket right now. I don't really have a favorite yarn.. I live in a small town with very little choice and I know there's so much more out for yarn for me to knit with=)

|chee-uh| said...

My name is Chia and I'm monkalicious on Ravelry. My favorite yarns are sock yarns right now and my favorite colours are the burgundy, black and purple types of colourways. I'm originally from the East Coast and now living on the West Coast. I'm missing the snow! I love to cook, read and of course knit, although I have minimal time for anything right now because I'm taking 18 credits and I work. I'm currently knitting on a scarf and about to start another scarf for my mom and a pair of socks for the bf.

Anonymous said...

I'm a LYSO in Chicago, vickyknits on rav. I love being around fibers all day long, and it would be so hard to choose just one! I do love handdyes though, and I think that the malabrigo lace in their cobalt color is gorgeous. I'm always working on store projects, but right now I'm putting together afghans for charity.

Tanzi said...

My name is Tanzi (tanzi on Ravelry) and I am a fairly new knitter, having taken lessons a couple of times over the last few years, but really getting into it in the last year. So far I've knitted up lots of scarves in more and more complicated patterns. Currently I'm working on some scarves, my first hat, and an insert for a picture frame that I'll use for holding earrings when I finish it up.

I love natural fibers of all sorts, but I especially love Malabrigo! I've made one Malabrigo scarf so far, but am just a few rows from the end of a second, and have some Malabrigo stashed for my first hat. I'm also working on a scarf in Cascade Pastaza and one in Hempathy.I really love Cascade 220 as well.

I really love scarves and hats in general, and imagine having scarves and hats in all colors of the rainbow. Eventually I want to get into purses and socks, and have plans for a baby blanket for a friend, but I've yet to knit anything that large. I'm working my way up to large sizes and things I have to gauge and measure.

Very soon I'm also going to learn to crochet. I can't wait to be able to do both!

Maiden Jane said...

Great photos! I have never knit with Malabrigo, so that would be a thrill. I'm Jane, blog over at Maiden Jane about my knitting and sewing. I just finished Damson (I'm always way behind the trends.) I'm JMSkoch on Ravelry and am currently starting My Blue Jeans Shawl in a lace KAL. I haven't knit much with lace. I finished my first yoke sweater this winter. I sew totes, formal dresses for my daughter's concerts and t-shirt quilts for high school graduates (and anyone else who wants their t-shirt memories preserved.) Are you bored with me yet? I'm giving away some cotton yarn starting on the 9th if you want to stop by. Thanks for the giveaway!

Mercy said...

I'm Mercy or midwifemom on Ravelry. I am currently crocheting a test pattern for a designer and I am trying to knit a small purse out of raffia. It is kind of stiff and a bit difficult to work with. I don't really have a favorite yarn yet. I have mostly used acrylic, cotton, and novelty yarns. I loved the alpaca that I got to use. I would love a chance to use some more nice yarns. I love purples and blues mostly.

Sherry said...

My name is Sherry, and I am Frey-ja on Ravelry. I am almost finished with my 1st sweater of the year. I am going to try and knit 6 sweaters for 2010.

I love wool and alpaca yarn. I like blues and greens with other colors thrown in for variety.

I knit a lot of Malabrigo Worsted for cowl gifts last year. It is a dream to knit and wear around your neck.

Iesadora said...

Hello there - I'm Lisa and go by Iesadora on Ralvery. I work in the HR department of a small 22 branch bank.

I'm about to start 2 new projects, one is a beanie for my roommate to were when he's working on cars out in the cold (plain black so you cant see the grease and oil lol) and a smallish draw string purse that I can tie to the belt of my renn fair outfit. Oh and I don't know how knit I just crochet.

I love the Simply Soft yarns, they feel great in my fingers while I'm working they and gets even softer when I wash it. I don't have a favorite color, I get bored easily so I try to use a different color for every project.

Welcome to my nut shell lol

Turtle said...

your hubby did a great job, the blog looks very fun and funky! I agree, love to knit with malabrigo, always a treat! I usually am known by my nickname, Turtle, when online. Got this when i used to teach scuba in hawaii.
I have been knitting the enchanted stole KAL as well as having ripped and restarting to knit the Monday morning cardigan which our LYS is doing as a KAL.(this sweater runs very large)
I am no longer working so it has been giving me some time to meet and make some friends in our community with similar interests! Love it, others kept trying to just get me to go to a chain store to buy socks... they just don't get it! (smile) on ravelry i am Turtlemoon. I feel like i must have one of the largest favorites list on there!So many lovelies to try!
Congrats to fiberfrontlines!!

yarnchickie said...

Hi! I'm Faye, or Yarnchickie on Ravelry. I've knitted on and off since I was a kid and learned in Sunday school. (yes, I know that's weird!) I've made way too many sweaters I never wore and a small selection of hats I wear way too much, among other things. Right now I'm trying my hand at the Argus shawlette (great pattern on Ravelry!) as my first venture into lace knitting with fine-gauge yarn. It's kinda intimidating, as I'm more of a worsted weight gal. I've also got a self-striping scarf on size 13 needles for relief knitting as the need arises, which its been doing a lot. Ha ha. I'm only nineteen, and knitting hasn't really caught on in my social circle yet (though not for lack of my trying!), so I really enjoy chatting and participating in swaps on Ravelry. I actually bought some that same yarn in a different colorway to send to a swap partner who really wanted some--and nearly kept it for myself! :/ I resisted, however, and hence would welcome another chance to try Malabrigo for the first time. Especially in that colorway... *dreamy look* Cute hubby in the picture, by the way. How hard did you have to cajole to get him to pose with it? :) Or is he just a natural ham for the camera?

MamaMay said...

I am MamaMay on Ravelry. I am currrently working on my daughter's "Princess Blanket". Fav yarn? Ummm, yes?... ok, so i prefer something that i can dye... I love to "play" with the colors... can't leave enough alone.

Andrea said...

My name is Andrea :)
I am test knitting a hat as well as knitting Pasha, a beautiful DK weight hat. I am sunniefairy on ravelry. Actually, Malabrigo worsted it my favorite! I actually have 2 favorites. Light yellow and lilac.

monica Torres said...

im monica from montana and memoe33 on ravelry
the question isnt what im working but what im not :), currently i have a lace shawl that im working with malabrigo.... i love it~
another neck scarf in some sock wt
and oh yes the feb lady sweater 2009/2010 and probably 2011.... its one of those projects i just cant get done... and im on the lace... go figure
i dont think i have a fave yarn (yet) its more about the color....... i would love to learn to do socks, but im brain dead when it comes to reading AND following directions......so one of these days :)
as far as color, usually greens, purples and aquas...... but i have noticed im wearing alot of blacks and grays....... >to match my hair< lol
well thats me in a nutshell,so look me up on rav, drop a line and say hi
happy bday to all feb babies including me~

Knit Yeah! said...

Hello ALL(waves a friendly knitterly hello) from Harrisburg, PA. I have a few really FAV yarns to knit with are Malabrigo most definitely!; panda sock yarn because of its great stitch definition and sproingy-ness and then ANYthing baby alpaca (no specific brand).

I am MissK68 on Rav and have been really lax in the past year on posting my FO pics. So, most of what's up there is pretty stale.

Currently, I'm woking on felted coasters, coffee cup cozies and spring scarflettes. I'm done with scarves, winter hats, mitts & gloves for now; unless I get a custom order.

My favorite colors are lime green, brown and orange (singularly & in combo), but, most recently I am addicted to hot and bubblegum pinks....guess the gurly, gurl in me is peeking it's head out. HA!

That be it! Now, let me oogle some of that yarn, and your handsome DH!! (HA!)

Stone Hill Ranch said...

Hi there!! My name is Lynette and I run a sheep farm :-)----Icelandic sheep farm to be exact. I also run a few angora bunnies, angora goats, and some merino and hampshire sheep

I love all kinds of yarn---especially wool. I gravitate towards the softer wools as I like to knit garments. I have several projects that I'm working on right now, but my fav. is an Abercrombie and Fitch knockoff which is knit with fat handspun singles in Fair Isle.

You can see me on Ravelry as StoneHillRanch and I also have a pretty nifty blog: http://stonehillranchsales.blogspot.com/ so make sure you come and visit me :-)

My fav. colors are definitely RED and all shades of RED !! But I do like other colors as well. I primarily knit with natural colors as my sheep come in all shades of brown, black, gray, white..... just not RED :-)

My newest project---not on the needles yet, are Dale of Norway Olympic sweater----I JUST LOVE THEM, but I'm too afraid to knit them just yet (steeks freak me out).

At any rate.... thx much for this giveaway and I look forward to reading your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kerrie, my webid/ravelry id is Destiknit.

Currently I have far too many (knitting) WIPS, mostly socks but a cowl, a sweater and a few other possess my needles currently.

My favorite yarn... hmmm... natural fibers mostly, BFL, cashmere, alpaca among them. But I can find a use for just about any *type* of yarn. As for brands... it depends on the project. I know, that's a wimp answer but I really love yarn :")

As for color... I love colors. All tones, hues and just about every color. If I had to choose from only one color family, I would choose Jewel tones (but I still can't choose only one color!)

Taleah said...

I'm naughtyknots over on Ravelry. I started knitting when I was younger, my father's secretary taught me. Since then, I've learned SO much more about knitting both as a process and as a hobby. Ravelry has helped me step out in a big way to try new things. My favorite yarn to knit with is whatever I have on hand. the closest LYS to me is over an hour away, so it's hard to see lovely things. I've bought a few things on Ravelry and right now I'm working on the Evenstar KAL that Sunflower Designs has released. :)

Sophia said...

My name is stitchmimi on ravelry, we have already kinda met! I am an attorney by trade, but I am currently on sabbatical to be wife and momma. I have 4 lovely children who are 9,7,4,&3! They keep me very very busy. I learned to knit after my 4th child was born. Post partum-ed out and feeling very limited in what I could or couldn't do, my sister and husband gifted me private lessons at my LYS to cheer me up. They had seen me for years trying learn from books! I just needed two lessons, and now I am knitting fiend!!!!! They created a monster!

cutesox said...

Oh my gosh - I adore malabrigo - I have two skeins in my stash - but not the same color - I saw a cowl on Ravelry I am dying to knit with malabrigo and this color is devine and perfect!!! :)

Although - your husband seems rather enamored of it - do you think he'll be able to part with it? (btw - his hat is awesomeness!)

That gray reminds me of the skies this winter in Atlanta - gray and stormy. Indeed, it's just that way today!! I think I love this yarn way more than the rainy days - I'm ready for spring and the flowering trees of Atlanta - with their pink petals blowing across our suburban lawns like a warm, pink tinged snow :)

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

My name is Teresa, and I am Knittingdancer on Ravelry. I am working on a blanket for me. I just finished a shawl for my church. I am also making some dishcloth and squares for 2 charities groups I belong to on Raverly. My two favorite colors are blues and purples. I like most yarns except Homespun, eyelash, and any of the fun yarn. Been there done that but not again. I really like knitting with Cascade 220, I think that gray will make someone a beautiful project hopefully me. I will be starting s shrug for me this week.

Really? said...

My name is Misty and I'm mistyknits on Ravelry. I am currently knitting a Drops pattern 110-44, a sideways garter stitch hat. I am taking a break from the 4 knitted Christmas stockings that I need to get done soon. I am the only female in my household. So I knit a lot of things in masculine colors. It seems they need a never ending supply of socks and hats. I'm not sure where they disappear to, but they are always needed. I'd love to knit something from the Malabrigo. Maybe I can even make something for myself this time! ;o)

StaceyKnitsIt said...

Hi! I'm Stacey; StaceyKnitsIt on Ravelry. I am a Handweaver, Knitter, and sometimes Crocheter and Spinner. I also dye yarn from plant or food matter now and then.
My about me page lists most of what I like. Yellow/Greens, Red, Brown and natural and earthy colors are my Favorites.
I love Malabrigo and Rowan Cocoon, Kid Classic, Noro, sock yarns, and soft alpaca yarns. Most yarns I love; I don't have just one favorite.

I'm finishing up Glynis, a Cookie A. sock, using Knitpicks Bare, which I dyed from plant/food stuff in a Rusty Gold colorway.
I also am knitting Twinkle's San Tropez pullover. Both should be done by the end of this week.

I have hundreds of projects in my queue and hybernating too.
I'm spinning my first Wheel spun yarn also.
I'd love to win!

Erin said...

Hi there! I'm luci99 on Ravelry and I just finished that hat your lovely hubby is modeling. Mine is purple though. I'm generally a purple or green girl, and my favorite FO is knit with purple malabrigo--Bella's Mitts. At the moment, I have a pair of purple socks on the needles, and a purple stole. What can I say, it's a good color on me. That grey is beautiful. I would likely gift knit with it...

LilChickadee said...

I'm LilChickadee over on Ravelry. Right now I currently have a pair of Absinthe socks on the needles for myself, but will soon be casting on a pair of Hedera socks for my mom's birthday.

I will try any yarn at least once, but I have found that wool is my favorite.

Favorite colors? Ask anyone who knows me: blue! Pretty much any shade of blue, including the slate-blue-gray. Green is another favorite, and so is eggplant.

I'm kind of stuck on knitting socks right now, since I can stick them in my backpack and take 'em along with me to class, but I've been looking at hat patterns and thinking about starting a blanket for myself, too.

Knitkolic said...

Hi! My name is Taryn and I am knitkolic on ravelery. I have over 10 projects on my needles, including 2 sweater dresses, a sweater, a couple of scarfs, a few hats and a purse :)

My favorite yarn is hands down - Cascade Magnum! I am addicted to this yarn, Noro Iro, runs a close second.

The colors I enjoy are the water colors. Teal, deep blue, rich purples, seafoam greens - are my favorite. I also really enjoy a good red wine color.

I love trying new patterns, though I will find myself getting addicted to a certain concept and get stuck on it for a couple of projects. Oh well :)

I agree with a comment written by heather, it would be great to hear your opinion of these beautiful yarns, as I know I personally have never worked with Malabrigo worsted before. Btw, gorgeous shade you have with your DH! :D


Jenn Doll said...

Hello! I am Jenn, AKA- Landen Road on Ravelry! I love to knit! I make mostly hats, scarves, and mittens... smaller stuff!

I have to admit, I have never tried Malabrigo! I have heard from everyone and their mother it is the best stuff on earth... I guess I had better join the club sooner than later! :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi, I'm Sharon aka Needlegrrl on the Rav and on blogspot. In "real life" I'm an acupuncturist, which makes me extremely happy (rosefamilyclinic.com). I adore working with natural fibers, both spinning and knitting. I really hope I win this because my husband would LOVE that colorway and I owe him a smooshy warm scarf.

I go for intense saturated colors, while he prefers earthtones. I've been trying to only knit from stash for the past two years (well except for Sock Summit, I adopted some new stuff there, including some amazing dark green sock yarn that became his kilt hose). Anyway there's not much in terms of boy colors in the stash.

On my needles right now: Another pair of kilt hose, and a black & white silk scarf for a favorite patient. Thanks for a great contest!

Shappire7 said...

Zainab is the name I was blessed with, Raverly id Shappire7. Wip's are Muir Shawl using Malabrigo Silky Merino also working on the 2009 Afghan: The February Square. My teenage homeschooled son noticed your husband's "Claudia" and ask if I could knit him one, a shocked,since he never ask for knitted things and curious as how doable the Malabrigo Worsted would work out for him. Natural, variegated silk and wool and linen blends are my favorite with a high softness factor is a must.

Robin said...

My name is Robin, Drygonstar on Ravelry. I'm working on multiple projects right now as always. A shell, a Cookie A. sock, a chunky shawl and plans to start a t-shirt at the end of the week.

I like all sorts of yarn as long as they are soft. I seem to collect sock yarn and Malabrigo. My fave colors are vivid jewel tones, scarlet, teal, turquoise, purple and deep blues.
Thanks for doing these great giveaways!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Megan and on Ravelry I am megdoula. My favorite yarn (or at least one of my favorites) is malabrigo. I love its softness and the colors are amazing. As for my favorite colors, can honestly say it depends on my mood. I love them all. Right now I am working on test knitting a hat and making some arm warmers. I like the satisfaction of small projects that I can actually finish. I'm excited to find your blog and look forward to checking it out again!

Unknown said...

Sweeet, Malabrigo! You are amazing, you know that?
So, I'm Natalie (minabear on ravelry)and am notoriously incapable of being a monogamous knitter. So right now, I am working on the crocheted Babette blanket, a cardigan (knitty's tempest), the bleeding hearts stole, (and here I had to wander off to check my rav page *blush*)a pair of Endpaper mitts and a crocheted cardigan. I also have an infinity scarf for my mom & an Aeolian shawl on the needles, but haven't put them into ravelry yet, because, you know, then they're not *really* on my needles, right?

My main favorite color is teal, but I also like all sorts of blues, purples and greens. And once in a while I'll be obsessed with one particular color for a while. I can't really say what my favorite yarn is, but I do love everything soft, squishy and handdyed, like, ahm, a certain yarn that you are giving away :D

Thank you for posting those great pictures of your husband. I love the hat he is wearing in them, and even my very picky (at least when it comes to what I'll knit him!) husband liked it, so I'll be allowed to knit him something that is not plain rib. In a sense, you have saved me from knitting boredom!

Ginny said...

My name is Ginny, I'm currently knitting a pair of Crazy Ribs fingerless gloves, and prepping for my 2 Ravelympics projects. I'm Im08Just97Me on Ravelry. I don't really have a favorite yarn, but I love yarns that are just *slightly* variagrated. My favorite colors are blue and and greys.Thank you so much for doing the giveaway!

weeniegirl said...

My name is Jessica, and I'm weeniegirl on Ravelry. Today I finished my Talia vest from Knitty and am getting ready to cast on the Cloud Bolero from Ysolda Teague. There are a number of other UFOs floating around here, but we won't speak of them. Oh, there is an ongoing sock that lives in the car and gets knit on at red lights.

At the moment my favorite yarn in Dream in Color Classy. So soft and squishy, and the colors are wonderful veil-dyed hues.

My favorite colors are saturated naturals, but the only colors I actually dislike are yellow and orange.

PBnJ said...

Hi! My name is Holly, and I'm PBnJsFiber on Ravelry.
I'm not actually knitting anything at the moment, but if I were, it would probably be a hat or socks.
I love to work with wool yarn (and fiber!) I like to spindle spin (haven't worked up to a wheel yet).
I have used Malabrigo once - it is absolutely wonderful to knit with!
I love all colors, especially jewel tones.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Life Adorned said...

i'm glad i found your blog through ravelry! i'm jenn (LifeAdorned on ravelry) and i don't have a favorite yarn, but i prefer natural fibers. my fave color is green (or anything earthy) and i don't knit but i'm an avid crocheter. i like to switch back and forth between worsted weight projects and ones with fingering or thread weight. right now, i'm experimenting with 2-color crochet cables.

katerina said...

What pretty yarn and a nice looking hubby too ;)
I'm Katerina, a new momma of a 3 mo. old boy, Aiden. Which means I'm not knitting much of anything right now, but going to try and join the knitting olympics this weekend to get myself kick started!
I love Malabrigo, and lately have really been enjoying Mirasol's Hacho yarn - its nice and springy and deep rich colors. I have been wanting to try the Madeline Tosh yarns - I heard they're great!
Lately, color-wise I've been immersing myself in pinks, purples and greens but I enjoy a little bit of anything, it depends on my mood.
Thanks for the contest and blog - I like reading about all the different visitors you have!

Elizabeth MacR said...

My name is Liz and I am elizmcryn on Ravelry. i have only recently figured out how to post photos of my projects on there! I am working on a blanket from the Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket Club, almost finished ! Also a cowl, a purse, socks, mittens, too much! I love yarn, usually my favorite is what I am working with at that moment. Right now it's Rowan silk wool DK, so soft. I am not sure what my favorite color is , love purples, pinks, greens, red, orange. An equal opportunity color lover.

I haven't worked with the Malabrigo you are giving away but love the colorway. It is really wonderful that you do this. I hope I win. Thanks.

Unknown said...

My name is EJ. I'm an eclectic knitter - right now I have 2 sweaters and a scarf on the needles active. I also have untold number of things waiting for me to re-love them.

I love knitting with just about any natural fiber, and trying new ones. I also crochet, but very rarely these days.

Elaine said...


I'm Elaine. I have to admit that when I first looked at the photo of Marc, I thought it was a take-off on the old Get Smart tv program in which he spoke into his shoe phone. Here I thought Marc was talking into his yarn phone. It really gave me a laugh until I realized I had invented the joke myself. Oh well - always nice to start the day laughing.

Thanks for the opportunity to win some yarn, especially yarn the so many people love but I've never tried.

I'm currently knitting a sweater using Noro Silk Mountain (not Garden). It is a bulky weight boucle which I don't love as much as I had hoped. One of the downsides of ordering online without seeing and feeling in person.

Unknown said...

I'm Tom and yes, men do knit. I love the manly color and think that would make a great hat or scarf for me. I mostly knit accessories and love natural fibers.

Sylvia said...

Hi, Sylvia here. I have been knitting since long before most of you were born. Worsted weight is my favorite since that was the standard when I started. Also, wool.

I've never tried Malabrigo and would love too. I knit much less frequently than I used to and rarely knit sweaters any longer, so this would be perfect to make me a nice warm scarf for the winter

Anonymous said...

Malabrigo! that's a popular yarn out here in UAE... even if we don't really need things that warm! Introducing... Fleurdeau on Ravelry. Raspberry and a bit of green are my favourite colours...Knitting the Featherweight Cardigan with Handmaiden's Camel Spin. Happy Knitting! =D

Unknown said...

I have been knitting practically all my life. I love purples and blues, and also reds and just about anything. I very rarely use orange, yellow or greens because my skin tone is sallow and those colors look terrible on me.

I enjoy knitting with any natural fiber (or mostly natural fiber).

My LYS doesn't carry Malabrigo so I've never even touched it. This is my opportunity!

Carla said...

I'm Carla and I'm working for a year between college (and I hope) graduate school. I am just a beginning knitter although Mom is amazing and so it there to bail me out when I get into trouble.

I love bright colors - red was always my favorite when all the other little girls love pink. I also love purple and blue and would be thrilled with this gray.

So pick me an give me a chance to try Malabrigo.

Marie T said...

My name's Marie - aka Knitmeahamster on Ravelry.
I love purples. I have a skein of Plymouth Merino/Silk blend in purple which will make a cowl for me once I've finished baby items for niece.
You have a very nice husband. He looks very knitworthy.

Dianna said...

My name is Dianna. I'm "Hishandmaiden" on Ravelry. I'm a mom to seven ages 2-18. I've been knitting five years. I'm in OH

My favorite colors are blues, then greens.

I've just been bitten by the sock bug. I finished my first pair of socks, and I think I'm becoming obsessed with knitting more.

I don't have a "favorite" yarn yet. There are so many I haven't tried that I want to like Malabrigo, Spud and Chloe and Dreaming Color.

I love to knit with wool. Maybe an acrylic wool blend. I don't like knitting with 100% cotton. I've heard cotton blends are nice, so I may give them a try.

Right now, I love Cascade 220 superwash.

I knit in the round with magic loop, but miss the nostalgia I felt when knitting with dpns, (which I haven't done for a few years), so I want to try to start knitting with them again.

Unknown said...

I'm Jessie (aka Jersey Jessie). My favorite yarns are Colinette, Noro, and lots of indie sock yarns. I love colors, especially purple and blue. My favorite combination is purple and turquoise.

I've yet to meet a yarn I don't love. Interestingly I've never tried Malabrigo so maybe this is my opportunity

Sarah said...

Hi! I am Sarah, Sarahland on rav. I just finished stranded Totoro mittens and a stuffed Totoro toy for my cousin. I am trying to decide what/if I am going to knit for the Ravelympics. I love all colors but prefer bold primaries over pastels.

WickedPyssa said...

Wicked good contest!

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

My name is Lisa and I'm Purlescence on Ravelry. My current favorite yarn is Misti Alpaca Handpainted sock yarn. My favorite colors are blues, greens, purples, dark oranges, deep browns, and greys.

Tammy said...

Hi Veronica -

My name is Tammy and I am knitsnpurrs on ravelry.

My favorite color is red, but I'll knit with any color.

Right now I am working on the Baby Cables & Big Ones Too sweater and absolutely love the pattern. I'm using Zara by Filatura Di Crosa and this yarn is wonderful to work with.

I've never used Malabrigo but have heard great things about it and would love to give it a knit.

Alice said...

Hi, my name is Alice and I'm yarnpanda on Ravelry. Right now I'm working on a pair of fingerless gloves (Pattern: Can Cans) using some really gorgeous handpainted yarn that's a cashmere merino blend. It's my yarn splurge. I'm also working some kitchen scrubbies and a hanging kitchen towel.

Being a college student who is 30 days away from getting married, I don't usually spend a lot of money on yarn, so I don't really have a favorite -- I'm open to be swayed though. I've heard nothing but great things about Malabrigo.

My favorite colors are purple and gray.

Thanks for finding me on twitter (I'm both adorablyalice [personal account] and yarnpanda [knitting account]) and introducing me to your blog. I run a blog over at: www.theyarnpanda.com

Katie said...

I'm Katie, aka TheHappyHours on Ravelry and twitter. TheHappyHours is a play on our name :)Currently on the needles, I've got a dogosaurus rex sweater, a scrunchable scarf in malabrigo and a Simple Things Shawlette. I'm also about to start a new pair of socks.

My favorite yarn..hmm..sock yarn right now is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock..I just finished a pair and they are heavenly. I love knitting with malabrigo and also blue sky alpaca organic cotton. I'm a fully self-taught knitter and just last night taught myself to do fair isle!

oh and I've very excited to have found your blog :)

Tamika said...

My name is Tamika and I'm jelover9 on Ravelry. Currently I'm trying to make my second pair of Jaywalkers, spin enough yarn to make an Urchin, and there's a fingering-weight sweater that I don't like very much. Let's just say it's waffle stitch and at some point in time it stopped being in the round and we stopped talking.

My favorite yarn...I would have to say alpaca. I mean, we all love cashmere, but who can afford it? I love all plant and animal fibers though.

My favorite colors are blue hues. I also like purple, yellow, other brights - but I also enjoy rustic browns and grays. Depends on the season.

Jessica said...

Hi!! My name is Jessica and I am JMJ697MN on Ravelry. Right now I am knitting the Ocean Currents scarf from the book Ocean Breezes.

I recently (for the first time!) bought some lace weight Malabrigo and I fell in LOVE. That yarn is amazing!

I would love to tell you my favorite yarn, but to tell ya the truth, I don't have one! I know, I know, but I just can't pick favorites, I love everything! Cotton, silk, wool, even some acrylics. I am not a yarn snob, I'm obsessed with all yarns equally! (:

So excited to find your blog through twitter-I will be stalking you regularily now. Thanks for the giveaways. (:

Unknown said...

Hi! My name is Amy (SaltyMomma on Ravelry). I've got a bunch of projects in the 'just begining' stage, but I've put most on hold to work on designing my own fingerless mitts pattern.

I don't have a favorite yarn, but I do love the colorways from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I pretty much love anything soft and easy to work with. Right now I'm loving sock yarns.

As for my favorite color(s)... My top two are gray and brown, boring I know but I LOVE them and there is just no explaining true love. I also love autumn tones and deep sea tones.

Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

NeckleFreck said...

Thank you, what a wonderful invitation to find in my inbox! You just made my day! Who does not LOVE free? Especially when it expands my (already embarrassingly large) stash! I love yarn!

moonfire photography said...

Hi! My name is Kim, and I'm moonfire over on Ravelry. I've been knitting for two years now, having finally taught myself successfully after failing miserably while preggers with my now 4 year old son!
I'm currently working on a hat for my stepmom, and I'm using Vanna's Choice acrylic along with a strand of donated mohair... I am just smitten with the mohair, and it is leading me to more "natural" pastures :)
My favorite color is orange, but I'll knit with any color - usually suited to the recipient of the item. Of all of the items I've knit these last two years, I think I've only kept one for myself.
My current favorite needles are my Harmony Options from Knit Picks... and I LOVE knitting with Magic Loop.
This is a wonderful blog, Ve! Thank you for the opportunity to knit with a new yarn!

Betsy said...

I'm Betsy, bbknitting on Ravelry. I really enjoy knitting lace and am currently working on the Mmario Mmystery Shawl. I'm also working on the Lighthouse Gansey Socks by Anne Hanson as a belated Christmas present. Then there are a number of UFOs.

My next project may be the Icarus Shawl, knit from my favorite yarn which is ... guess what ... Malabrigo! I'll be using a blue laceweight called Tuareg for the shawl. It may be a gift, if I don't become way too attached to it while I'm working on it. Then maybe I'll have to just make two of them.

I don't know if I have a favorite color, but I'm not crazy about oranges and yellows. And I never wear anything white because it ends up with coffee stains right down the front (LOL).

There are lots of beautiful variegated yarns that I love, but I can never seem to find the right project for them.

JuliaA said...

what a fun giveaway! thanks for hosting it. :D

i'm juliaa on ravelry. i'm knitting baby booties right now--the saartje ones, with the seamless pattern! so cute. i have lots of other projects waiting for me in knitting bags. i can never have enough projects. :)

i love hand-dyed yarns, but i've found lately that i'm really more of a worsted girl than anything. i have hand problems so my knitting is slow enough without thin yarns making it slower!

i love dark colors--dark jewel tones. i love blues and grays and greens.

i've petted malabrigo but i haven't knit with it yet--it's so wonderfully soft, and i love teh colors.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am currently knitting the Great American Afghan with Cascade 220 and the FLS with Cascade 220 as well. Sandytoes on Rav. Too many favorite yarns to list!!

mommieof4munchkins said...

Hi My name is Linsay, ljaecocker on Ravelry. Right now I just completed 3 puppet for my 2 yr old for valentine's. Tomorrow I am starting a top down raglan sweater for him for the Ravelympics.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spud and Chloe but would like to try Malabrigo as I have heard wonderful things about it.

I have always said green was my favorite color but right now PINK has taken a special place in my life. I walked in the Breast Cancer 3 Day last September and will be walking again this October.

I knit pretty much whatever looks good to me. I haven't ever been scared to try something new. I have been knitting since I was 6 but gave it up for a few year because I was "too cool" in high school to knit....Glad I picked it back up now, I don't even care that my hubby calls me a grandma.

Desiree said...

My name is Desiree and I'm Hamncheezr or Ravelry.
Right now I am between socks for me out of my own handspun (need to cast on the 2nd) and currently knitting something for my daughter. In my head I was designing a simple dress with lace around the bottom but now that I'm knitting it may be taking shape of a sweater. Love how it's evolving!

I only use really soft yarns if I can help it, I have very sensitive skin. I use merino and BFL if I'm spinning and I like to knit with wool or bamboo blends that are soft. My favorite yarn at the moment is "Country" by NaturallyCaron.
I would love, love to try Malabrigo--I've never even seen a skein in person!!

My favorite colors for "life" are black and red (clothing) and red and navy (house decor) but I find myself drawn a lot to greens, blues and purples in yarns as well.

I am a SAHM of 2 small children; I'm a little ecclectic. I am endeavoring this year to knit at least 1 hat a month for the local homeless shelter and hope to add slipper socks to that as well as some baby hats for the local crisis pregnancy office.

Thank you for letting me enter!

Melaniebknits said...

My name is Melanie and I'm Melanie21jb on ravelry.
Currently on several pairs of needles is a hat for my son, my first sock, and a cowl.
I don't have a favorite yarn right now. I'm a newbie to knitting and haven't tried the more expensive yarns yet.
My favorite colors are pinks, purples, and reds. But I'll knit with anything.
Thanks for the chance to win some amazing yarns. I've heard lots of wonderful things about malabrigo.

Pavla said...

I'm pavlas on Ravelry. I'm currently working on a baby hat - the Aviatrix hat, as we have a few women at work who are expecting and so that will be my gift to their little ones.

I like all kinds of yarn at a good price and I'm excited when I get great yarn for an even better price. I've been mostly knitting from wool and wool blends and cotton, but would love to try knitting from different kinds of fibres.I like all different colors, but my favourite colors are brown, green and purple.

I have not knitted out of Malabrigo yet, but would love to get a chance!

Thank you so much for a chance and Ve - it's going great! I love your blog. It's lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm Sarah from Richmond. My Ravelry name is atthebreakofnoon. I've only been knitting a short time, and I'm still trying to figure out how to put pictures up on the website. I've been working on some mittens recently, given we've been getting some unexpected snow! My favorite color is blue, but I also like hues of purple and teal as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

atthebreakofnoon :)

livin4fishin said...

My name is Nicky. On ravelry i'm livin4fishin. I know it has nothing to do with knitting, but it reflects my e-mail address and my love of fishing.

I love this yarn. I made a "better bucket hat" last year in the Verdes colorway with malabrigo yarn. I would say this is one of my favorite yarns to knit with. It is easy, warm, and the colors rock! Love them!!!! :) Love anything green and any bold colors and the more hand dyed, the better.

I love to knit hats, but currently I'm working on a baby blanket for a pregnant co-worker. I will be casting on my first pair of toe up socks tomorrow for ravelympics. Very excited!!! Been waiting for an excuse to learn socks... I think I'm probably going to love knitting them.
Thanks for the great blog. Have a great day--- Nicky, aka livin4fishin!

Laurel said...

Hi, I'm Laurel--smidgentigre on Ravelry. I'm getting set to start on my Ravelympics projects--2 afghan blanket squares, some wip socks, a couple hats, a pair of gloves & a scarf.

I love BRIGHT colors--blues, greens, pinks, purples. Others in my life like dull colors...so I knit with them all.

Enjoyed reading your blog & your reviews. Hope you have a terrific day.

Anonymous said...

My name is Tina and I'm Azknitting on Raverly. I love earthy colors in rich browns, greens and grays.

Wool is my favorite yarn to use or wool blends with Alpaca. I love to knit hats, cowls, neckwarmers, mitts and shawls.

Thanks for offering a terrific giveaway!

Anonymous said...

hello, My name is Teresa I just found your blog, how lovely. I am Tbird0123 on Ravelry.

I consider myself a solid intermediate knitter, my New Years resolution is to learn to knit socks (putting in an order for basic needles today and trying to avoid looking at awesome handdyed on etsy). My biggest challenge with knitting is biting off more than I can chew and picking projects that are over my head but hey, that's how you learn. I agree with Heather, reviewing the yarn you give away gives me more confidence with buying.

French Press Knits said...

My name is Melynda, on Ravelry I am FrenchPressKnits. French Press Knits is my shop name on Etsy and that's how I got started on my big knitting adventure last year :)

I am currently working on the Girasole blanket by Jared Flood.

As far as favorites go... I change a lot. Colors, yarns, patterns... I can't seem to stick with one theme for a long time. All I know is I love knitting, and that seems to be pretty constant in my life!

KnittingBetsy said...

Hi there! I am so thrilled that you are doing this giveaway! Mmmmmalabrigo is one of my absolute favorite yarns, in all of it's yummy colors and lucious weights.
So my intro- my name is Betsy, I'm loveknitting on Ravelry & knittingbetsy on Twitter (thanks for the follow, too!). I've got several project going, but just cast on for one of Cosmicpluto's shawls/minishawls- the Simple Yet Effective Shawl- since it's my first shawl attempt. I'm using some Dream in Color Smooshy for that.
My hubby, son and I just moved back to Seattle from San Antonio, so I've decided to embrace more grays to go along with the Seattle winter skies. I really do love it with all of the shade possibilities and will be selecting some gray paint colors for our new house.
Tyvm for hosting this giveaway and the chance to get to know you through your blog!
Betsy in (beautifully gray) Seattle

Asia said...

This blog is a great idea! Thanks for doing this!

Tell us a little about who you are. What's your name? What are you currently knitting? Who are you on Ravelry? What's your favorite yarn? Your favorite color? Let's have some fun getting to know each-other, while getting the chance to win some great yarn!

I'm Asia, known as Cuttlefish on Ravelry and many other aliases in many other places. I'm an illustrator by trade, but knitting is my hobby of choice. Currently, I'm finishing up a long expanse of plain stockinette on my Sockhead Hat, getting ready to do decreases and get it over and done with so I can enjoy it before the snow goes away.

My favorite yarns are wool. Any kind of wool. I have a special attraction to sock yarns, for some reason, although I also enjoy really chunky single ply yarns as well. I absolutely adore merino, although I'm sometimes afraid to use it unless it's blended with nylon or cotton to give it durability and wash-ability.

My favorite colors are deep coffee browns, latte beiges, aubergine purples and burgundies, and light slate blues. I also have a soft spot for sage greens and charcoal greys.

squiggi said...

My name is Tami, squiggi on ravelry.

Right now I'm working on "skew" socks for the knitting olympics, and finishing a norwegian mitten from a class that I took with Mary Scott Huff.

My favorite yarns tend to be sock-related. I love Blue Moon Fiber arts, in pretty much any color.

Color-wise I tend to gravitate to teals and greens, but I'm pretty much up for anything except maybe yellow.

I love to try new knitting techniques and challenge my skills. I think my next project will be "birch" by chrissy gardiner. It's an entrelac, lace scarf.

Shannon said...

Hi! My name is Shannon. I am AndaraKnits on Ravelry, and blog under www.affiknitty.com My current mindless knitting is the Chevron Scarf, but I have multiple sweaters that need finishing and I recently cast on for the Faux Isle Hat. I like any yarn that is made of natural fibers, especially soft ones like Malabrigo. I tend to pick reds and browns when choosing yarn for myself but I like all colors. Thanks for doing this yarn giveaway!

Deneen said...

My name is Deneen and I am yarnsandmusings on Ravelry. Right now I am working (still) on an IDP project for Knit Picks. I own a wheel and have for 3 1/2 years and just set it up.

I adore wool, cotton, and silk.

I love jewel tones the most, not a fan of yellow or pastels.

I crochet and am planning to start learning to knit with a friend next week (please don't hold this against me).

I don't have a LYS within an hour drive from my house-this alone should make you feel very sorry for me since I never get to pet any real yarn unless I buy it online or off a Rav destash.

I'm married and have one daughter, age 10 and a cat who stays away from my yarn. I live in the wilds of deep southern NJ.

Cool contest and thanks for hosting it and nice to meet YOU :)

Laurie said...

I'm Laurie- knittergirl on Rav. I just had baby #6 twelve days ago, so I'm pretty busy lately. My favorite color is green and I love ALL yarn. =)

adoptionmsw said...

Hi, my name is Barbara (adoptionmsw on ravelry). I'm retired now but I spent my whole career in child welfare, mostly helping couples and singles build their families through adoption.
I have been knitting since the mid-60's but really started up again with a vengeance once I joined ravelry. I love to knit baby items and either contribute them to charity or sell them and donate the proceeds to my church. I have an etsy page www.adoptionmswknits.etsy.com. I prefer to knit in wool, particularly worsted weight. I know it's more difficult to wash, but I like the feel of it while knitting and once it's on the baby. Besides sweaters, I've made soakers and little dresses. I love deep colors, blues, shocking pinks, red, purple. I do a lot of knitting with Cascade 220.

Casi said...

Hi, I'm Casi, I'm madamemonday over on Ravelry. I'm a big fan of Malabrigo (I'm using some for my knitting olympics project out of it!) and my favorite color is purple. I currently have a throw on the needles, as well as a sock and a sweater. Hoping I complete my KO project before the flame goes out!

YarnOnTheHouse said...

POSTING FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you everyone for posting! Check back on Monday to see who wins and see what the new weekly giveaway is. Good luck!! -Ve

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Joan, Daleknits on Ravelry, i knit most anaything , usually 2 sweaters a season and assorted socks and scarves. the yarn is lovely