What a crazy week it has been! I've been busy prepping things behind the scenes for the blog. I have a beautiful giveaway scheduled for Monday, which will start a small series of giveaways until the end of March. You'll have to wait and see!!

I wanted to get a post in before Monday, because my weekend is jam packed full of parties and fun! Two of my friends and I are hosting our close friend, Alison's, baby shower tomorrow. Alison is a very dear friend of mine and she is having her first baby - a baby boy! Her husband, Jared, is my hubby's best friend from childhood, and this is how I met and become good friends with Alison. She is a special lady and I wish her only the best while she ventures into motherhood. She is actually one of the ladies that I taught to knit a couple weeks ago when a group of us got together. She has finished her first scarf, which started with 20 stitches and magically ended with 40, and now she is onto a little baby blanket. Go Alison! I'm positive she won't be reading my blog this evening or tomorrow morning before her baby shower, so I wanted to share the two baby knits I made for her little boy. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you on Monday!


Hi! I'm Sierra-Dog! said...

Those gifts are so lovely. What a beautiful, kind and generous gift. I know she will enjoy!
I think your blog is so fun. What a great idea!
Oh, and I'm not a dog- I just have a dog who runs my life. =)
Renee (aka Sierra's "owner")

norabrown said...

I love the baby jacket. And I think it makes such a lovely baby gift.

Jodi said...

Such sweet little baby knits! I'm sure both will be greatly appreciated.

Alex Daw said...

You've probably been told a thousand times but you have fantastic tension...!!! I am humbled and impressed :)

katerina said...

They are beautiful! Love the color of the milo vest - very very pretty!
I love baby hand knits!
If you have any yarn left over, I've found it only takes small amounts to make baby mittens (w/o thumbs) and they're so hard to find, yet baby hands are always so cold, so greatly needed.
Plus it's a great way to use up those tidbits left over from such great projects!

Tanya said...

Wow! That vest is an amazing color and I love the BSJ...Great choices for baby knits