pinkie head

If you've been following YOTH for awhile now, you would probably know that I've mentioned my friend, Linsay, from Mommie of 4 Munchkins before. I met Linsay via my blog and Ravelry, and she lives like 30 minutes away from me! This past weekend while on the LYS Tour, Linsay met up with me at one of the yarn stores on the map. It was a treat getting to meet a YOTH follower in person! I have to admit, I was a little nervous!! I didn't know what Linsay would think of me. What if she didn't like me and then told everyone not to follow my blog anymore... I felt like I did on the first day of school back when I was a kid. Everything turned out wonderful though and Linsay was a totally cool lady!

Linsay and I had talked before we met up and she had mentioned that she is still trying to raise money for her Breast Cancer 3-day Walk. She had done a yarn raffle and raised some money, but now she's gone completely bonkers and she's decided to dye her hair pink if she meets her goal! Not just a little pink sheen over her pretty burnette hair, not pink highlights for fun, but HOT freakin' pink all over! She's also agreed to let me photograph her in her new pink-do if she of course reaches her goal.

Here's her before:

And, here's what she might look like after:

Wouldn't that be fun to see?!



mommieof4munchkins said...

I have to admit Ve isn't the only person who was nervous, I was too. You see I met her right after walking a 10 mile training walk. I was hot, sweating and feeling all sorts of nasty!!! Thank goodness she didn't seem to care one bit! Can't wait til we can knit together soon!!

Turtle said...