giveaway #57

The winners of the Little Turtle Knits giveaway are:

Sarahnthropic, flossie, steelwool & Kae

The first winners to contact me at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com will have first choice at the prizes!

I'm LOVING this giveaway! I'm head over heels! It's short, but oh-so-very sweet! Liz Abinante is our lovely guest today and the genius behind the thrilling treasure hunt. More on that later...

First let's show off what stunning buried treasure you are hunting for this time... introducing Luna's Shawl:

Liz has done it again! She's designed a uniquely shaped shawl that just begs to be draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. The increases are carefully placed and create an upside down V. Ummmm, how could I not like that?! Liz decided to use Miss Babs Yummy Sport & Sock yarn in an awesome color called Luna Granite to knit up the shawl in the picture above. To top off this fun pattern giveaway, Miss Babs has provided enough yarn for two winners to make their own Luna's Shawl. Check out the goods!

And, now for the fun part! Liz has put together a super-duper treasure hunt for you, which means that you'll need to work a bit for a chance to be entered to win your PDF copy of Luna's Shawl and Miss Babs yarn! Read and follow Liz's instructions:

It's time for a treasure hunt! There are three riddles you have to answer to win. Stuck? Can't figure it out? Try a little Google magic. Every riddle has all of the information you need to find the answer.

Search Yarn on the House for some gorgeous Adorn Sock. Who dyes it, and what color is Veronika's favorite?
Visit MissBabs.com and play with some Yummy Sport yarn. Find a sinister, deadly red named after Dracula from Wallachia. What is the name of the color?
Search Feministy.com for the buried treasure. Read the riddle and submit your answers there before it's too late!

May the best knitter win! No cheating, my fellow yarn lovers. That just takes all of the fun out of it!

Hope you like the change and enjoy the hunt! I have disabled the comments on this post, because folks were leaving their answers here. If you left your comment here before the comments were disabled, please resubmit your answers in the buried treasure location. We'll randomly pick the winners out of the folks that completed the treasure hunt in 2 weeks and post the results along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone.