giveaway #60

The Grand Prize winner of the Freddie's Blanket giveaway (autographed book + yarn) is:


The two runners up who will each receive an autographed book are:

old dog & Kara

Congratulations! Please contact me at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com to collect your prizes.

Giveaway #60! Woohoo! That's a nice round number, isn't it?! This giveaway I have two very lovely ladies to introduce to you: a very talented designer and an indie yarn dyer that creates some of the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen.

Let me introduce you to Stephannie Tallent. She is our lovely and very talented designer that is being featured this time.

Stephannie designs some beautiful knitwear and a lot of her work has been featured in knitting magazines and various publications. Here are some of my favorites:

- Kelpie: I think Stephannie designed these just for me!

- Ocotillo: such cute mittens that are part of an e-book that Stephannie published. There's something about true mittens that makes me cherish the craft of knitting.

- Zylphia Pilots Her Airship: a must knit for me! I LOVE the lace work and the feminine shaping of this sweater. I especially love DuchessOfYarnover's FO!

...which leads me to this giveaway's pattern feature: the Zylphia Cowl

How gorgeous is this cowl?! It uses the same lace pattern as the sweater and the sweet picot edgings make this cowl so romantic. It even looks nice on your feline friends...

And, I've found some of the most beautiful yarn to go along with this gorgeous cowl pattern! Meet Sunflower Yarns. Amanda Dahl is the very sweet and also very talented yarnie behind this brand, and boy-oh-boy can she dye up some drool worthy fiber goodness! Look at these fantastic colorways: Grass is Greener, Windward, and Silver Gray (which is the colorway that I want to knit up a Goodale sweater for myself in, whatcha think?).

Amanda has very generously sponsored two giveaway skeins of her Strafford sport weight yarn for two very lucky followers and she was so very sweet to send me a gift skein to keep all for myself!! Take a look at the gorgeous semi-solid goodness she sent over for us to enjoy:

BTW, I'm keeping the stunning Bing Cherries red skein at the bottom of the picture!

Along with a skein of Sunflower Yarns, the two winners will also receive a PDF copy of the Zylphia Cowl. That's just enough yarn and pattern to knit a beautiful Sunflower"y" Zylphia Cowl of your very own! Thank you, Stephannie and Amanda for being our wonderful sponsors!

I would like you to do the following if you would like to be entered into this week's giveaway:

1. Read over the rules if you have not done so already.

2. Leave a comment on this blog post by the end of Sunday, 5/22/11. I've been casting on and dreaming of knitted sweaters lately even with the sunshine peaking it's head out from time to time. Not sure why the warmer weather has spurred me to want to knit sweaters, but I hope I'm not wishing for summer to be over before it's begun! What about you? What are you dreaming of knitting in the next couple months?

I'll randomly pick the winners in 2 weeks and post the results along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone.




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Aimee said...

With any luck I'll be knitting a cowl..... :)

Amanda said...

I'm dreaming of knitting a sweater...my first! Still figuring out what pattern to use.

nashvegasknitter on Rav

Anonymous said...

I am dreaming of knitting socks! I am a newish knitter and just discovered sock yarn in toy making and am itching to try my hand at socks!

Tera43 on Rave

:) Tera

Phyllis said...

Did I not comment? I was sure that I had! Maybe it just didn't go through?

I'm dreaming of sweaters, too. I have two baby sweaters on my needles these days.

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