everyone wants my atelier

I love knitting! What a surprise, right?! But, I can be selfish with my knits. Most of the knits I make are specifically for me. I have no qualms in saying that knitting is not cheap - at least not with the yarns that I use. It's not so much a hobby, but a true art and skill in my book. I'm proud to be a knitter and I take great pride in every piece that my hands create, as I think every knitter should. However, there come times in my knitting when I realize that what I'm knitting is just not for me. Sometimes it's the color, other times the style of the pattern, and then in times like these, I realize I have been quite optimistic about the size of my waist and chest!

This project started out as an ordered placed for some yarn I had been dying to try out, Dream in Color Everlasting. I had a sweater in mind, but once the yarn arrived, it spoke to me and said it would like to be an Atelier instead (ya know how that goes!). So, in my excitement for trying out new yarn and knitting a gorgeous sweater pattern, I cast on for the M1 size (this pattern has both a medium 1 & 2). The M1 size required aproximately 1250 yds and I had 1100. Designers always estimate high, right?! It was gonna work!! Never mind that my chest size is a M2 and not a M1. I know I'll be 10 pounds skinnier by the time I'm finished!

I completed the cardi and it was so much fun to knit! Other than the yarn I used, it was perfect. The Everlasting DK that I chose for this project was not a favorite of mine. Don't get me wrong, I love Dream in Color; however, this particular yarn was way to splitty for me and the little individual threads of the ply snag on everything. I hate to say it, but I won't be using this yarn anytime in the future. Now, on a good note... the pattern was brilliant! So innovative, easy to follow, and just plain fun! I had 1100 yds to start with, so I fudged the lengths of the body and sleeves along the way slightly and I made it by the skin of my teeth. Hence the red pockets, but let's just say that was intentional!






Pattern: Atelier
Designer: Heidi Kirrmaier
Yarn: Dream In Color Everlasting DK
(& some leftover red MadTosh for the pocket linings)
Colorway: Rain Cloud
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: Jane

Oh, how I love those red pockets! And, so does everyone who sees this sweater! Everyone seems to want my Atelier!! I may just need to knit a M2 for myself and give this one to a well deserving "sister" that it fits so perfectly (pictured above!). If you've been eyeing this pattern, I highly recommend it. The construction is so unique and the final product so wearable. Honestly one of my most favorite knitted sweaters to date. My only problem now is that I need to find some yarn to knit another one. What a tough problem to have!

Hugs & stitches!



Hind DP said...

The sweater looks beautiful, I love the pop of red. What a lucky sister you have!

Turtle said...


Evelyn said...

Excellent review of this pattern -- now I want to knit my own Atelier! And, yes, with red pockets. : )

Chantal Boucher said...

oh yes! it is marvelous!

Suzanne said...

I love it when I can use what I have and make it look intentional. You added something so jazzy to an already awesome sweater.

Ólöf said...

Unless the person is a knitter I believe that people don't truly value a hand knitted product. So I knit for me and my kids and sometimes some baby gifts but bigger items are for me. Because I know people won't love them as much as I do.

Eva said...

It looks beautiful. And the red pockets are a lovely and unexpected touch.

stephigordon said...

So lovely!!!

Kristen said...

I love it! This one has been in my queue for a while. Maybe I'll get around to it after I've finished the next two sweaters on my list.
Hmm...I think I have a bit of a problem, no? ;)

Jessica Powers said...

I think the sweater will be fair payment for her wonderful modelling - and you can treat yourself to some yarn you love, love, love!