Nope, it's not the giveaway post yet! I do however have a fun treat for you… meet rejoice:




Pattern: rejoice
Designer: me
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed LOFT
Colorways: Long Johns & Woodsmoke
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: Jasmine, of course

It's this year's free holiday YOTH pattern I designed for you! Click here for the Ravelry pattern page that has the free PDF download. I hope you enjoy the pattern, and I'll be back shortly with the regular Monday giveaway post (it's a doozy!).

Happy Holidays!



Emma Wright said...

They are lovely and very warm I would imagine :) Emma x

Anonymous said...

So cute! These seem to be very trendy this year, and they are PRACTICAL with the cold weather we've been having in Boston.

Suzanne said...

These are lovely. Thanks for the pattern. By the way, Jasmine suddenly looks so grown up! :-)