playing catch up

It's not the first time I've mentioned that I knit a lot more than I actually share. I'd like to remedy that and spend more time actually showing off what I've knit! So, here's to playing a bit of catch up…





Pattern: BFF Cowl
Designer: Ysolda Teague & tiny owl knits
Yarn: Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Worsted MCN
Colorway: Copper Penny & Window Pane
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: The always beautiful, Janey.

Great project! One of my dear knitting friends asked if I wanted to knit this friendship cowl with her. How could I say no?! What a neat idea! Not only is it a Knitty pattern (which means FREE), but how fun to knit with a friend and exchange cowl parts that once received can be intertwined. I decided that I wanted the ability to separate my two cowls whenever I felt like it, so I added i-cord button bands on the ends of my cowls. Love the way it turned out.




Pattern: Pachinko
Designer: Chrissy Gardiner
Yarn: Knitsch Yarns 100% Merino Sock
Colorway: Silver Lining
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: Jasmine's lovely feet!

This project was a 5 on a scale of 1-10. The socks are pretty. The yarn is beautiful. The color is fantastic. But, for some reason my socks do not look like the ones in the book. Boo! If you examine my close up pics, you will notice that my columns of mesh YO lace in between the wavy parts are not the same as the designer's (take a look at the last pic on her pattern page, beautiful YO's stacked next to each other going up the leg creating a beautiful mesh open fabric). My YO's did not create this effect. I contacted the designer to let her know that I thought there was an error in the pattern; however, she reassured me that the chart was correct. She said the YO's are to be stacked one on top of another and then because of the way the decreases are alternated on either side every other row, the fabric should naturally create the mesh. Unfortunately, mine did not. Those suckers are stacked right above each other in each row and are not budging to any side, decreases or not. Oh well! Live, knit & learn.





Pattern: Monkey
Designer: Cookie A
Yarn: FatCatKnits Handpainted Yarn (super old stashed yarn, unsure if it's still available)
Colorway: Glory
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: Jasmine's footsies!

These however are just perfect in every way possible! I love the soft rainbow coloring and the pattern is a classic. Loved knitting this pair of socks and would love to knit another in the near future.

I'm going back to my knitting now. I have a blanket to finish, because who doesn't knit a blanket in the dead heat of summer?! Happy and safe 4th for those of you celebrating!



Susan Strong said...

Whether or not your Pachinko socks look like the pattern photo, they are gorgeous! Very nice!

Carmen N said...

Beautiful projects!

Boston Knitter said...

I love the socks (I am a big sock knitter as well), and I love how your BFF cowl turned out! I'm working on the same pattern, but as my recipients are not knitters, I'm making two (mom and sister). And I've already had gauge issues--because doesn't everyone get really excited about a project and then hit a road block?--but it looks like now I'm off for smooth sailing.

Also you've reminded me to update my Ravelry pages, because I never seem to remember on my own!

Maryse said...

These FOs are so beautiful! It's great that you share them! I often find my inspiration like this!

melissa said...

I am also knitting a blanket, but my apartment is nice and air conditioned so it doesn't bother me at all. :)

Chelsea W said...

Ooooh, love them all!

Zabbers said...

Love the new look!

It's so strange...I have a pair of socks much like your Monkeys, but not: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/zabbers/mermaid-tails and every time I scroll by those pictures, I have a moment of recognition followed by the realization that they're not my socks. It's kind of like when you see someone on the street you think you know...and then it turns out they're someone else.