knitterly finds

I've been wanting to start a little weekly blog post where I show off knitterly or not so knitterly inspirations that I'm currently obsessing over and have come across on the gigantic-world-wide-web-of-unlimited-sources-and-beautiful-pictures. Just for fun! I've been told on many occasions that I'm a great enabler. Enjoy!


Currently knitting the Gemini (free pattern!).

Using Jane's mods for three quarter length fitted sleeves (my fav).

Tanis's recently finished Gemini and blog post had perfect timing! I totally used her advice on alternating skeins on a raglan line.

Thinking I might have Startitis, because I'm itching to cast on this new cardi by Dawn Catanzaro in collaboration with Quince & Co. and their new yarn Owl. I recently finished a sample knit for Hannah Fettig using this yarn and it's spectacular!

There's something so magical about paper flowers and I'm totally coveting this new book(perfect example of the "not so knitterly", but wouldn't these look awesome in the photos I take of my knitting?!)

I'm not sure which yarn or how many strands of it I would need to hold together to get the right gauge for this, but I'm totally going to knit one for way cheaper than $894!

Recently faved these on Rav: luv me some Stephen West, thinking I should probably join his Mystery KAL or I'll be sorry, so simple (how did I miss this before, I own this book!), I'm thinking this would make a great beach bag for an upcoming trip to Hawaii.

Okay, and if you're hungry after all of that, grilled pizza. Grill like on the BBQ, my friends. Who knew?!

What are you knitting, reading, coveting, eating lately?


Luv2CUSmile said...

Love this! On my kindle and can't post linku pics for some reason but i am actually finishing a crochet project (Modern Mens Loafers) and have a small smidge of a knitted project started... not feeling my yarn choice though so contemplating the frog... and stumped for next knit pattern with the very many i have on my "to-do" list...
Love inspiration from other sources... since beading has been my mainstay love that is where i get a lot of inspiration from, and visa versa...
Other things are from the colors in nature. I love watching the morning sky... and the evening. Especially during the summer season.

Desiree said...


I have been in a sock mood lately. Lots of socks on the needles!

Ashley said...

I've been loving on Gemini for awhile now and it seems like everyone is knitting one! The trouble is that I don't seem to have any appropriate dk weight yarn in my stash, so I'll have to save that one for another day :(

I just cast on for a Brownstone for my bf (in part because he only brought one sweater with him when we moved to Cali & it's cold here at night and in part because he keeps me in Plucky) and I'm chugging along. Also knitting a wedding shawl for a friend and some selfish cashmereish cowl for myself. Reading Orange is the New Black & obsessing over which new recipes to try from Pinterest. All in all a good week

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