we're live

We are oh-so-very proud to announce the launch of YOTH Yarns online, and what better way to celebrate our grand opening than with a KAL filled with lots of prizes!


First Ever YOTH KAL

Start date: November 1st
Project: pick any pattern(s) & knit them out of YOTH Yarns Big Sister or Little Brother
End date: November 30th
Rules: Start a project or projects using YOTH Yarns Big Sister or Little Brother on or after November 1st, 2014, finish knitting your item and post your completed project on Ravelry with the tag "firsteveryothkal" by the end of November 30th, 2014, and you will be entered to win one of five special YOTH Yarn prizes. Each project finished, posted and tagged on Ravelry by November 30th, 2014, will equal one entry, so the more you knit, the more chances you get! On December 1st, 2014, we will randomly generate five winners and announce them here on the blog as well as contact them via Ravelry message to let them know they have won. Good luck!

Simple, right?! You pick the pattern, any pattern, make it a selfish knit or a gift for someone deserving, because you know the holidays are right around the corner, and have a chance to win. It'll be fun to see what everyone knits up and we can chat along with each other in the YarnOnTheHouse Ravelry group. I'll be blogging and posting pictures to show all the happy things that are happening along the way.


I better get these rejoice legwarmers off my needles in the meantime, and I still need to decide what I'll be knitting for the KAL myself! Oh, so many choices... I've been really wanting to make a Veronika, and not only because of the name.

Happy knitting!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations my little knitting energizer bunny! So happy for you♡

Anonymous said...

And can't forget Baby Bro... congrats to you too!