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We arrived safe and sound in Pasadena a few days ago. Our trip down from Washington has been a smooth one thus far and we're loving the weather in So Cal right now. It was our first day at the VKL Pasadena show this evening, for a little market preview. It was a wonderful time and lovely meeting new folks and seeing beloved familiar faces.

The beautiful and talented Kathy Cadigan has come along for part of the adventure and is here shooting some footage for a neat little project we have brewing and she's been fantastic at forcing us to slow down and take some pictures (and posting them for us!), so our knitting friends everywhere can see them. Hence the great pic above.

Also, Little Brother and the YOTH tech team have done it again! If you aren't going to be able to make it to VKL this time or one of our events in the near future, you can live vicariously through other shoppers by watching our current lifestream.

Hugs & stitches!


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