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We are slowly but surely trying to make our way into a shop near you. As a knitter, I know how important it is to see, feel and touch the yarns that we love to knit with. Being an online retailer and only available in shops near the Pacific Northwest makes it difficult for our yarns to get introduced to the many knitting hands out there that would appreciate it. Plus, supporting our local yarn shops is so very important to our community and they are the heartbeats that keep our craft alive, in my opinion. We are so happy to announce two new shops that will be carrying our yarns in the very near future: Knitterly in Petaluma, California, and The Knot House in Frederick, Maryland. Both of these shops are wonderful and we are very honored to be asked to be a part of their line up.

I wanted to share some pics of my recent visit to The Knot House. I'm sad I didn't have a chance to snap pics while in Petaluma, which just means I'll have to take a trip back to Cali sometime soon! And, if you haven't had a chance to visit either of these shops yet, you should. Maybe you could stop in while I'm back in Frederick, June 16th, during our launch of our yarns there!

Welcome to The Knot House!

Where the charming streets of Frederick welcome you first.

Not to mention the stunning historic buildings.

You'll be greeted by the natural lighting and open halls as you walk into the shop.

The sweet knitted samples and walls of gorgeous yarns, that are mostly hand dyed or small indie companies, are the best features.

Cute decor that makes every knitter smile hangs in a corner.

With beautiful companies like Magpie Fibers lining the walls, who wouldn't want to visit?!

Our yarns feel right at home in this lovely shop.

So much so, that even our industrial style furniture could have stayed in the crisp white walled classroom we occupied during our recent trunk show there.

Our soft, sophisticated shades played well with the gorgeous hand dyed yarns that The Knot House carries.

Did I mention that this shop is run by a mother & daughter team?!

Let's just say that The Knot House stole a little piece of my heart while I was there, and I can't wait to be back. Visit with me the evening of June 16th at The Knot House. I will be teaching a cool new class, Veronika's Knitting Secrets, and you will have first dibs at the goodies I'm bringing along. Call the shop to put your name on the list and find out the details. Cost is $25.

And, if you can't make it there, we'll also be at the Squam Market on June 6th, and Gauge + Tension in Brooklyn, NY, during the weekend of June 20th. Lots of exciting events coming up! Keep up to date on our events page. We're adding new spots all the time!

Hugs & stitches!



Liz said...

Great news Ve! It was fun to meet you at the Knot House a few weeks ago and I'm glad to know I can get more YOTH there next time I visit my parents!

badwita said...

Those Pendants...where/what are they?

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