mother & father


To the parents that made our dream a reality,

We are proud to announce our new Mother and Father yarn line, a 100% Domestic Rambouillet sourced from a small gathering of farms west of the Rockies. This is a yarn line that is near and dear to our hearts. It has been a goal even before we began to have something so genuine and true. This is the hard working yarn we have been looking for and so fitting to the parents that have tirelessly believed in us from the start.

Both yarns are an exquisitely spun 3-ply that is round and earthy, yet soft and bouncy to the touch. The new yarn is available in our 12 Raw Palette colors to begin. Mother is a heavy lace weight and yields a nice length of 550 yards in each skein. It will carry you far lengths in a lightweight garment or go the distance in a lace project. Father is the new worsted weight and as the name implies will be strong and hardy. The weight offers 220 yards and is perfect for quick knit accessories or robust garments that love great stitch definition. Our yarns’ namesakes are without a doubt the most relentless people we know, so we think you deserve a yarn as hardworking as them.


This year has been the greatest time of our lives. Traveling across the U.S. with the best team we could possibly put together, our family. Mom and Dad have been here every step of the way. From late nights winding Puppies to long drives in the YOTH mobile to hit our next event. We can’t express our gratitude enough. They will never complain and never allow us to either. They came to America with very little and managed to give us everything we could ever want in life. Told us we could be anything we want in this beautiful country as long as we work hard enough to earn it. This yarn is as dear to our hearts as the couple that inspired it.


Little Brother & Big Sister


...C o w R o a d... said...

Congratulations with the newest additions to your family! :-)

Jami said...

I love this post so much, the pic of your parents is awesome!!! I loved meeting your dad when you last visited the shop and I know he must be so proud and amazed of what you've created. Looking forward to meeting the rest of your family, and to knitting with Mother & Father. xo

Thea said...

What a lovely tribute! Made me tear up.

asongyarn said...

wow its really cute. I Like it very much. Please a take look http://asong.kr/us/ our yarn production.

Debbie said...

Love the pictures, love the story and of course I love the yarn and colors. What a great new addition.

Andrea Sanchez said...

Oh man. Makes me tear up! And the yarn is beyond lovely of course!

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