giveaway #6

I have 3 winners to announce this time. The 2 grand prize winners are kshotz from Ewe & Eye and NGLaLALa from SoNGLaLALa! You will each be receiving a copy of the French Press Slippers pattern and two skeins of Patons Classic Wool. Yay! And, Jessi from switchscribe, you have won a copy of the pattern alone as our runner up. Congratulations, to the 3 winners! Please get a hold of me at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com to claim your prizes.

Now, on to this week's giveaway!! I am proud to present a skein of MADELINETOSH Tosh Sock yarn in the colorway Tart.

My most adorable, sweet, cute, kind, beautiful, stunning, loving friend, Alison is modeling the yarn for you. Is she not the cutest?! She is in her 32nd week of pregnancy and doesn't she look great?! This is the darling friend that I knit the baby gifts for and threw the baby shower for (which turned out fabulous, by the way). She came over yesterday and I took some baby belly pictures of her on my property. When she was done posing for those, she kindly let me take pictures of her in her cute black dress holding the red yarn. Thank you, Alison!

I have not had the opportunity to knit with the Madtosh Sock yarn yet, but I have to say that just holding the yarn is enough for me to love it already! There is just something about Madelinetosh yarns that makes me drool! I love the look of the yarn when knit up, the feel of the yarn when I touch it, and the colors are AMAZING!! This color especially, Tart, is the absolutely most beautiful red I have ever seen. One lucky, lucky, LUCKY winner will receive this 1 skein of Madelintosh Tosh Sock yarn!

This week's giveaway is starting a small series of giveaways that will go through the end of March - each week I will be giving away MADELINETOSH yarn. How exciting is that?! Vanessa from The Fiber Fix supplied all the wonderful yarns I will be giving away. If you are ever in search of Madelinetosh yarns, Vanessa has a great selection at her online shop along with other beautiful hand dyed yarns, and offers FREE shipping if you purchase 3 or more skeins. Also, if you do decide to buy yarn from her shop, please be sure to mention that you heard about her store from the YOTH (YarnOnTheHouse) blog in the "how you heard about us section" during checkout. YarnOnTheHouse earns yarn with The Fiber Fix everytime we are mentioned, which ultimately means more yarn for the giveaways!!

I would like you to do the following if you would like to be entered into this week's giveaway:

1) Have an address in the US to ship the yarn to. I wanted to add a little more to this line and say that if you have a friend or relative that has a US mailing address, that will work. I will send it to them and then they can forward it on to you. See house rules for further details.

2) Post a comment on this blog post by the end of Sunday, 3/14/2010, telling us what you think of Madelinetosh yarns. Have you ever knit with them? What's your favorite colorway? And, if you have never seen, felt, or maybe even heard of Madelinetosh, what do you think of the skein in the pics above? Do you like the color? Let's have fun talking Madelinetosh this week!

3) Please post only one comment to give everyone a fair chance.

Again, I'll randomly pick the winner on Sunday and post the results on Monday along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone.




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mprsdrose said...

The red madtosh yarn is a stunning color. I have heard people rave over this yarn, and seen it snapped up in the iso/destash board on rav, but I haven't knit with madtosh yet. I do have one skein in my stash of sock yarn in waterlily which I received in a swap. It is a pastel pink and green. I tend to gravitate towards the brighter colors so I haven't knit with it yet.

Christina Siegel said...

The Madelintosh yarns look so very beautiful on line I would love to meet this tart in person!

liz blankemeyer said...

Love, love the deep rich red, and your friend is gorgeous.

Joanna said...

I haven't knit with Madelintosh yarns before, but the color is so rich and gorgeous that I'll be keeping my eye peeled for it at my LYS.

Unknown said...

Sad, I know - but I have never knitted anything with Madelintosh yarns. I LOVE red and would love to get a chance to knit with Madelintosh's yarn.

Angela said...

Just got the book, Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. Some fascinating British knitting history, along with a wealth of information on all sorts of heel and toe types. The Madelinetosh yarn would be an awesome complement to any one of these beautiful patterns that also have some old stories to tell!

AMY said...

I've never used Madelinetosh yarns but it looks beautiful! I love that color.

YarnOnTheHouse said...

POSTING FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you everyone for posting! -Ve

andrea said...

I just purchased 3 skeins of "Tosh" DK in the color DUSK to make the "Mara" Shawl. It is absolutely beautiful! It will be my first time using it. Can't wait to get it on my yarn winder. Love the color you are offering. It is so vivid.

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