girl's weekend

I'm out of town this weekend - spending some quality time with some of my favorite girlfriends! We are having a wonderful time in Camano Island, WA. I just ran out to a little coffee shop to use the internet, because the cabin we are staying in has no access!

I promised to share my Go Monkey Design organizers with you. Check 'em out!

Here's all the goodies together:

How stinkin' cute are these square and rectangle project bags?! And, I bet you want know what adorable little sleeve is hanging out that bag... it's Kate's new Master Charles Sweater pattern!

My favorite fabric is the large red and pink rose one with the light green polka dots:

One of my most favorite organizers out of the bunch is this interchangeable needle bag... love it! My Knit Picks now have a much prettier home to live in, and there's a really great little pouch that is included inside the organizer, which I have put my needle size markers and end caps into.

This organizer I have for all my fixed circs, pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, etc. The green and white damask style fabric is vinyl lined, which I think is really practical.

Don't my DPN's look so fantastic in this little roll up organizer?!

Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone. I'll see you all on Monday!



Pavla said...

Beautiful pieces Ve! I'm sorry I won't be at the girl's weekend. After working for 17 hrs I'm just too tired. See you soon!

JP said...

How cute!!

Vanessa said...

Wish I could Sew .. very pretty love the fabric~!

Kate said...

I might really need some of those organizers! I have one that I got on etsy that I love...but its getting mighty worn down and probably needs a replacement :)

You did such a great job with the sweater! (And did I tell you, I hadn't even considered anyone putting the leather-side out instead of the suede, but it looks fantastic!)

Groovy Baby Blog said...

I love it, also your blog is so cute!

Turtle said...

great pieces! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! Less rain would been better, lol, but it is WA after all... keeps us green!

go-Monkey Design said...

Im so very Happy you love your pieces! Thanks so much!