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The winner of the huge Spud & Chloe giveaway is:

Keya who wrote, "How awesome it would be if I won! Looking forward to your next KAL!"

Congratulations! Please contact me at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com to claim your prize.

Hi, YOTH followers! Hope the summer has been treating you well. I know I haven't shared any of my recent knitted items on the blog lately, but I have been busy knitting away, I promise. I hope to have some time soon to photograph and share some of my FO's with you. So, be sure to check back when you have a chance!

This week I have a wonderful sponsor by the name of Angela and she hand dyes and sells yarn on Etsy. Her shop is called: All for Love of Yarn. Isn't that the cutest name?! I had a chance to meet Angela and do a short video interview with her about what it's like to run an Etsy store and how she got into the biz.

Links and such from the videos:

- Angela on Ravelry

- Angela's Etsy shop

- Angela's blog

- Angela is currently having a sale in her Etsy Shop, which is running until the 26th: Buy one skein at regular price and get the second 50% off equal or lesser value. Each additional skein or fiber will be 25% off. Will be refunded via paypal. 100th SALE get's FREE SHIPPING, too!

- Look at some of Angela's gorgeous yarn and fiber.

- KnitPick's dye your own yarn section.

- We love Ravelry!

- Resplendence 50/50 silk merino

- Lublu superwash merino

- Opulence MCN

- Soleful alpaca, merino and nylon

Angela, thank you so much for visiting us here on YOTH and being our sponsor this week. You are welcome to come back and visit anytime!

Check out the beautiful skeins of yarn that you have a chance to win this week:

I would like you to do the following if you would like to be entered into this week's giveaway:

1. Read over the rules if you have not done so already.

2. Leave a comment on this blog post by the end of Sunday, 8/29/10. You can leave a comment sharing a childhood disaster in 5 sentences or less, if you would like. Or, you can just say hi to Angela and me! Two followers will have a chance to win a skein of yarn for the best childhood disaster story and two winners will be chosen randomly as a usual!

I'll randomly pick the winners on Sunday and post the results on Monday along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone.




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Unknown said...

WOW, you have beautiful yarn. Childhood disaster? Growing up in Northern Michigan in the winter, meant that the snowbank became the freezer. I put a bottle of Coca-Cola (glass bottle)in the snowbank to get cold. I forgot about it and naturally it froze, my mom found it later and brought it in to defrost. Unfortunately as it defrosted the pressure built and the top blew off of it. We had coke all over the walls, ceiling, windows (everywhere). Needless to say I was cleaning up for quite some time

Peggy said...

When I was 5 or 6 years old, my twin sister and I had a turtle named Elmer. One sad day, Elmer died, and my father took the two of us (and Elmer) out to the alley for a proper burial. As Dad was digging a small grave, I looked up and saw some letters scrawled in spray paint on the alley fence; and carefully sounded out the strange word ...FU**! My Dad dropped the shovel, yelled at me "don't you EVER say that word again!!" and sent me to my room without supper. It took many years for me to understand his anger that day - but I figured it out eventually (smile).

Susan aka paintermom said...

When I was in third grade, I was allowed to use the stove by myself so long as someone else was home. I decided to make an angel food cake. Unfortunately, I misread the 1 and 1/3 cups of water as 3 and 1/3 cups of water. I poured the batter into the tube pan and it went all over the floor. I cried so hard that my brother (the only other one home) took pity on me and cleaned it all up.

Elly said...

Hi gals! Thanks for this giveaway :)

I remember falling and injuring myself A LOT when I was a kid. I still do, haha.

I was on my swing that we built under our house, which was only made for one person, and my brother decided to jump on top of me and swing with me, what a booger! I yelled for him to get off, and he wouldn't, so as we were swinging for 10-20 seconds, the rope broke apart, and we fell with him on top of me, I hurt my elbow SOOO BAD! It was bleeding so much! Our family wasn't at the house at that time, so he went to find some alcohol and cotton, and he placed them on my elbow, I felt like it was literally on fire! I screamed and cried. And I tried to remove the cotton balls that were filled with alcohol, but they would NOT come off, so here I am, running around the house, wounded with cotton balls stuck on my elbow, while yelling at my brother. When my finally got there, we went to an old lady's place (she had all kinds of home remedies, she was like the doctor in our town), and she was able to remove those damn cotton balls, whew.. but it was VERY painful!

Ugh! I haven't let my brother "help" in any of my injuries since..

~ Eliana ~
IknitCupcakes- on Ravelry

Emily said...

Hiya, thanks for another wonderful contest! :)

Andi said...

Not sure if it is a childhood trauma but it is entertaining. I used to have 2 childhood friends who were twins (boys) and as a young girl of 7 I was very much in crush with both. :) So I tried to do everything to impress them, this included following after them when they would jump off huge hills with their bool boy bikes, I with my strawberry sizzler bike. Needless to say I had a horrible crash but refused to cry (in order ot impress) and limped all the way home and received a yelling at by my dad for totally my bike. I have recently talked to one of the twins and he assurred my they were indeed impressed. Mission accomplished. :)

Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

Childhood disaster: I fell out of the back of a camper going 60 mph down the freeway when I was about 4. My older cousins were supposed to be watching me & I went to check on the caterpillars I had living in the camper sink (no water-- just leaves & grass to make them feel at home), and I leaned on the camper door & fell out backwards! Luckily I rolled toward the ditch & escaped with just scrapes, but looking back on it now, I'll bet my grandparents (and cousins!) about died!

Heather said...

When I was five, Santa didn't come to my house at Christmastime. For real. I woke up at dawn, ran out to the tree to look at all my gifts - and NOTHING.

I was, of course, devastated.

I started screaming, "Santa doesn't love me cause I was a bad girl" just as my mom had threatened all season would happen.

Startled from sleep by a wailing five year old, my mother told me to go to bed, that Santa would be here in 15 minutes. Through the doorway of my room I watched her lug presents from her bedroom to the livingroom. Christmas has never been the same since.

YarnOnTheHouse said...

POSTING FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you everyone for posting! -Ve

Sherry said...

Hi to you both.

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