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The winner of the Shawl Collared Cowl kit is:


The two runners up who have each won a PDF copy of the pattern are:

monika who wrote, "Hello! On my needles now are a cupcake hat for a friend's daughter and a ruffled scarf for a friend!"


Gianna who said, "Currently working on a baby gift - more than half done, thank goodness!"

Congratulations! Please contact me at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com to collect your prizes.

I'm back from Mexico!! I had a fabulous time, but I'm happy to be home with all my yarn and family of course. I brought along a knitting project, but had absolutely no opportunities to knit on my trip. I only had internet access temporarily for a couple of days, and so you may had noticed that I was absent on Ravelry and Twitter. I really had high hopes that the hotel would have at least free internet in the lobby for its guest, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Other than the absence of knitting and internet, the trip and the wedding were spectacular!

This week I have a fun photo shoot to share of some of my more recent completed projects, and a fun giveaway of a pattern I recently had a chance to knit up. This past Sunday my family and I took a little trip to the beach by my parents' house in Mukilteo and I got them to model for me!

Windschief by Stephen West

Project details and more pics here.

Modeled by: Daniel Burda, my bro. He originally picked out this yarn when he spent the day driving me around to all the yarn stores on the LYS Tour. His highschool's colors are purple and silver - thus the color choice. By the way, it's "No Shave November" at his school right now and that's why he's got that lovely scruffy face!

Another Windschief by Stephen West

Project details and more pics here.

Modeled by: Marc Jobe I just had to make a second one of these hats, because the first one was so quick and fun!

Dindy Beret by Kate Oates

Project details and more pics here.

Modeled by: Teresa Infelise She is a good friend of my brother's from school, and she was kind enough to meet us at the beach last minute and pose in the lovely hat! Thanks, Teresa! This Dindy Beret is all mine though! Isn't the color fantastic?!

And, last but not least this week's giveaway project is: Aravis by Melynda Bernardi

Project details and more pics here.

Modeled by: Jasmine Jobe I loved this cowl from the minute I saw it! I knew I eventually had to knit this up. This pattern took all of a couple nights of knitting and one skein of Malabrigo Worsted. The pattern is very easy to follow and uses short rows to create the hood. My pics are a little deceiving, but Jasmine is wearing the cowl doubled around her neck like an infinity cowl. I think this pattern is absolutely perfect ladies of all ages - including those hard to knit for teenagers. Jasmine is not quite a teenager, but she loves the one I knit up for her and plans to take it to Whistler with her next week to show it off.

Melynda was kind enough to donate a few PDF copies of this pattern for the awesome YOTH followers and I have one skein of lovely Malabrigo Worsted to donate to the pot. Take a look at this beauty...

One grand prize winner has the opportunity to win a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in the Violetas colorway and a PDF copy of the Aravis cowl pattern, and two runners up have the opportunity to win the PDF copy of the pattern.

I would like you to do the following if you would like to be entered into this week's giveaway:

1. Read over the rules if you have not done so already.

2. Leave a comment on this blog post by the end of Sunday, 11/21/10. I don't have a good question for you this week, so it's OPEN comments! Have fun!

I'll randomly pick the winners on Sunday and post the results on Monday along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone.




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Andi said...

Oh that cowl! It is indeed love at first sight.

Debbie said...

How beautiful! I would love to win it. Would be very warm and handy here in Alaska! Debbie

Trisha R said...

Love the cowl! What a lucky winner!

JP said...

more beautiful pictures. so glad you had a good trip!

not usually a cowl fan, but one that can double as a head covering has my attention :)

Anonymous said...

What a perfect gift for the mother of my grandbaby! I have just recently acquired females to knit for and it is a whole new ballgame!

Anna B said...

Mmmm.... love cowls and hats. Good patterns... good for horrid MN winters! Brrrrrr.... no more sleet please! lol

Katherine said...

oh NOZZZZZZZZ!!! I missed the cut off :( oh well. I'm going to post anyway. The yarn is stunning and your site is beautiful

much love

Anonymous said...

Isn't that just the perfect color?! And I've never knit with Malabrigo...

bookboxer @ gmail dot com

YarnOnTheHouse said...

POSTING FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you everyone for posting! -Ve

mommieof4munchkins said...

Loving that grape yumminess. That beach is beautiful...you will have to share the secret of where it is ;)

CeltChick said...

Oh, I like that cowl! I've only ever bought one skein of Malabrigo, in fingering weight & black -- for sock heels & toes! My daughter is usually my model; family is handy like that.

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