It's been a long time coming that I finally got around to taking and sharing pictures of my finished Flukra. I cast on this gorgeous shawl back in September (ahem!) with The Shetland Trader group on Rav. Gudrun Johnston is one of my most favorite knitwear designers and when I saw her KAL for the (back then) new Flukra shawl, I knew I had to jump in. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way (probably around Thanksgiving or Christmas) I lost steam and set the project aside. After my food coma from the holidays dissipated, I managed to finish the project up in February! I'm so glad I did, because this shawl is amazing! The beauty got a nice soaking and blocking this weekend, so here she is in all of her charm and elegance…







Pattern: Flukra
Designer: Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Madelinetosh Prairie
Colorway: Oxblood
My Rav project page here
Modeled by: A DIY vintage barn window with glass removed and chicken wire attached.

Happy knitting and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



Anonymous said...

That is SPECTACULAR! Truly so beautiful I can hardly stand it. :)

Suzanne said...

You are an amazing lace knitter! It is absolutely gorgeous.

Anjanette said...

Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing.

Into my queue it goes...

Inna Rom Gor said...

Gorgeous shawl. It really inspire me to knit one for me.

Amy J said...

Just beautiful! I've been coming back to this one again, and again, and... :) maybe I should just do it.

Chantal Boucher said...

Wow! What a project! It is MAGNIFIQUE! And i love the pictures.

Jessica Powers said...

Love the shawl and love the model too, haha!

Maryse said...

It's absolutely fabulous! The color is amazing!