winning answers are in!

Liz and I have finally compiled our chosen answers from giveaway #83! Sorry about the delay... it was hard to choose!

Liz says, "Ok, winners! I picked 3 - I tried to only pick 2, but I really liked all 3 of these answers."

oliviapaige, "My country would be full of mountains and woods. Only log cabin homes (or tents, but I prefer plumbing). And lots of campfires and storytelling. And knitting. But that's a given. It would be called Elysium, partly because it is a pretty word and partly because I like Greek mythology. We wood have Elysian fields border our mountains. Anybody with a happy disposition, stories to share, and knitting to make is welcome. Along with their signifact others. And we would have the barter system, no money. I would raise chickens. And a llama or two (for my yarn)."

Keppy Girl Knits, "My country would be called Utopiknit and it would be located in the magical mountains (location undisclosed at this time). This country has the capability for the dwellers to dial up whatever climate and attributes that they feel like experiencing that day. It could be a tropical island with blue waters and white sands with a tropical hut with a wraparound porch with comfortable lounge chairs for knitting, or a log cabin with a crackling fire in the fire place with comfy arm chairs. Of course every knitting project turns out beautifully without any mistakes and fits perfectly. Charlene Brown (Keppygirl on Ravelry)"

Rachel R., "My country, like many others, would be an island, but it would have a cool days occasionally- not COLD days, but cool enough to wear handknits. It would be very animal-friendly - you could take your dogs to sidewalk cafes and lots of people would have farms with sheep and goats and alpacas. And all my favorite vegetables are in season all the time. I'm no good at naming things - I've never even had to name a pet (my dogs both came with names already)! So we'll just call it Happy Island!"

And, here is my choice! It just made me laugh!

nancy88, "My country would be called Martini Island! Guess what we'd drink there?? :) But there would be humidity control because my curly hair looks like a fro in too much humidity. I'd knit on the beach in my lounge chair while cabana boys bring me martinis, and I'd sell my hand knit goods to the tourists!"

Each of the above winners will receive a PDF copy of the entire Arch Shawls Collection. Congratulations! Please contact me at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com to collect your prizes.

Hugs & stitches!


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