knitterly finds

All the birthday celebrating is finally over! Not that I don't love a good slice of cake and kissing my growing girl on her forehead a hundred times while I still can, but a week's worth of activities, dinners, sleep overs and the likes, are enough to send any mom into a tail spin, especially the week before school starts back up! With all the partying and traveling around, something good has happened though, my knitting has been dragged back out and come along for all the fun. I'm almost done with the body of my Gemini; unfortunately, I have no new pics of it, so here's a shot of the cake we stuffed our faces with instead.


I did do a little fabric shopping last week, online from this lovely site and at another local quilt shop. I purchased these on sale beauties from the quilt shop and some gorgeous Tana Lawn on sale (sorry, don't see the print I purchased listed anymore).

I also managed to score a dozen new patterns from here during an all patterns $1.99 sale! The only reason I actually found the great sale was because I was looking up where to purchase Butterick 5639 after seeing this via Pinterest.

No, I'm not only pinning and looking up sewing patterns! I did come across this cool elbow treatment that could very easily be done on any sweater. The trick would be to get the placement just right.

I'm always on the look out for fun ways to use up my scraps and I thought this was cool.

This unfortunately is not a knitting pattern, but I would really like it to be.

Really loving these finds on Rav: just came across this freebie, Kieran you make my heart melt with your lace work, this loose open cardi is so me, and this is not a newbie, but ooooooh how I want to knit it. The yarn is ready and waiting, but NOT UNTIL I FINISH at least one of my current OTN sweaters!

Have a wonderfully stitchy week and I'll be back next week with hopefully a knitting picture or maybe a FO to show off!



Suzanne said...

Oh dear, throw me a lifeline, why don't you? I just fell down the rabbit hole that is your knitting board on Pinterest.

Mereknits said...

So many projects and so little time, I love all the things you are thinking about making. Hugs,

Julie Crawford said...

I always have loads of projects on the needles too, I feel you! That cake is stunning, by the way. Way to go!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful cake. My birthday was on the 21st. But I'm 20 years older than 12. ;-) (sjn821)

Sarah V. said...

That cake looks amazing - happy belated birthday!

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