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I ran into a frustrating reality with my Gemini this past weekend. I'm using hand dyed yarn and the way I was alternating skeins wasn't working out at the bottom of the sweater. Of course I didn't realize this until I was about an inch away from being finished with the body! Arghhhh! My fault, I should have listened to my gut instinct back a hundred rows. The sweater has been ripped back, put into a project bag and is currently in time-out (more for me than for it!), but I have promised myself no new knitting until it is finished. I'm sure it'll come out of my bag this week soon.

With no knitting in my hands, I got antsy and started unpacking all my long forgotten boxes of crafting things into my not-new-anymore-but-been-mine-for-almost-a-year-now-crafting-room. Boy oh boy did I forget everything I had/have! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but before my knitting obsession started, I used to make jewelry. I would sell a little, keep a little, and gift a little. I forgot how much fun I had with it. I pulled out all of my tools and have made a bit of jewelry this past few days, just for myself, maybe for Hawaii. In the bottomless boxes of goodies, I also found these beauties:


Found this beautiful pic of woven squares made outta hand dyed sock yarn that the person is going to make into a lap blanket. I wanna make one! Like this, but not that bright.

Also, found a link for a bunch of old Weave-it Loom books that you can download for free for any of you out there that may have one of these at home.

I'm thinking a woven square blanket stitched together with contrasting thread and then a knitted-on edging using the little loops the loom leaves on the squares. I could use the Juneberry edging! But, let's get real, I have a Gemini to finish!

What did I fav on Rav last week... Joji's at it again.

I really like the look of this cowl. I only have a hundred skeins of sock yarn to choose from in my stash that would work for this project! This cowl is from the same book and looks interesting too.

Purdy. Even purdier!

Not new, but I totally want one for my craft room d├ęcor!

And, finally not a fingering weight sweater that I want to knit.

Have a fabulous week everyone!



Jen said...

WOW! That bedspread sure shows dedication!

Maryse said...

Sorry to hear about your Gemini! It was probably the best thing to do though - frog :( Hope you find a solution soon because it is a great design and hand-dyed yarn is so nice!

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