knitterly finds

It's smooth sailing now, my friends! I picked up my Gemini again this week, frustrated but determined to get her done. I'm a row or two away from starting the bottom ribbing now and I'm debating whether I would like to change it up a bit than the 1 x 1 rib the pattern calls for. I've recently developed an admiration for mistake rib, sort of like Hannah's June's Favorite Cardi. What do you think?

On another good note, I leave for Hawaii on Sunday for my good friends' wedding! I really can't wait. I'm counting down the minutes. Maybe I can get Gemini finished by the time I take off. I really don't want to lug a sweater to the islands. Not only is my space limited, but I already look like a weirdo knitting at the beach with something small nonetheless a full size sweater. So, this post of knitterly finds is going to be dedicated to what projects I should bring and CO while I'm in Maui! I'm thinking a shawl project for sure and I already know which one...


Sonetto Shawl by Judy Marples. I've had this in my queue since it came out.

I was debating between the previous one and this one from Judy.

I wanna bring two projects along, because who knows how much time I'll have to knit, but I'm always quite optimistic and rather have more yarn and needles than not enough. I'm deciding between two shawl projects or a shawl and a sock project. I'm leaning more towards the shawl & sock combo, so here's what I'm choosing from for the sock pattern: love these, these are just as lovely, maybe these are too simple, these are at the top of the list, but really so are these, and another simple pair. I somehow managed (without trying) to find all my favorite FREE sock patterns, which unfortunately makes this process even more difficult because I can't say, "Oh well, that pattern's free, let's go with that!"

If I can't make up my mind on which sock pattern to bring along, then there's always shawls to dwell over: did you see this new shawl pattern on Knitty, have I already mentioned that I really want to knit this one, loving this new Stephen one, I have the book with this shawl, there's something really cool about this one, and I really wanna knit this one.

Help me out folks! I can't decide on my own. Hugs & stitches!



greta said...

Sonetto Shawl for sure - if not, then go for the Allium. As for the socks? Neely O'Hara definitely.

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

The Sonetto Shawl is unique so I would go with this one, and I like the first one listed, but the Cookie A one is in my favorites her patterns are great.

i wouldn't take two shawls they get too big to work on at the beach.


Anonymous said...

I meant the first sock pattern....

Mereknits said...

Hawaii sounds like Heaven, I hope you have time to knit with a beautiful warm breeze blowing while you sit outside and look at the sparkling water.

Anonymous said...

I really like Allia and LOVE the Brown eyed Susan shawl.
the Cadence socks are my fav.
Have a fabulous time on Maui!

Maryse said...

Enjoy your trip! Good idea to bring knitting projects for the long flights!

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