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I missed last week's post, because I pretty much unplugged for my week in Maui. It felt good, but let me tell you, when I returned I thought I had missed a year! I'm still catching up on my blogs I follow and filtering through all the beautiful patterns that have been recently published. Since I don't have much in the way of knitting pictures, I'll share a pic from my friend's wedding instead, which by the way, was one of thee best weddings I have ever been to. It was a beyond beautiful setting, the bride and groom were both relaxed and so in love, plus there were only 10 of us there, so the experience was very intimate and unique. I feel very honored to have been a guest and friend to have witnessed the joyous occasion.


- Let's talk knitting now, because that's all I've had on my mind lately. I think my short fling with sewing (not saying that I'm stopping) put my knitting back in perspective. I just love the way my needles feel in my hands clicking away! I watched and very much enjoyed this blog post that KnittedBliss posted recently and it made me love my knitting even more. It's an hour long though, so bring your knitting along!

- Have you seen the new Rhinebeck Sweater collection? Ysolda's Pumpkin Ale is amazing! And, Gudrun's Pippin is pretty great too!

- Loving this shawl pattern.

- I'm thinking this fair isle free hat pattern from Shibui is really cute and might be a great project to keep practicing my stranded colorwork on. There's also a matching pullover that I'm sure I would not pair with the hat at the same time, but looks just as nice and fun to knit.

- Pretty neat looking shawl that's not available for purchase yet! Am I the only one that dislikes patterns that are posted before they are ready to be purchased? I understand when it's done for pre-ordering circumstances, but when it's a single pattern that hasn't finished going through testing yet... boo. It just makes me antsy and I actually tend to forget the pattern as time goes along. I like to go back and check out other peoples' projects and notes to decide whether I would like to knit the pattern myself and if I can't do that in the first couple of weeks, I eventually lose interest or find another new pattern I can follow. Am I being dramatic here? Or, do you have the same thing happen to you?

- I'll wrap this up on a good note though. I am really excited about this new digitally available pattern book! It's inspired by parts around my neck of the woods. Plus, it has some of my most favorite designers: Judy Marples, tincanknits, Jane Richmond, and Melissa Thomson.

Til next time, happy knitting!



Brenda said...

Thanks for showing us all the pretty patterns - you have good taste!

Take a look at this new pattern, you might like it too. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/an-apple-a-day-shawl

Welcome back!

dclulu on ravelry said...

I totally agree with you about patterns (pre)posted when there's no way to access them!