fresh start

I have some very exciting and scary all at the same time news... I've decided to leave my job of 13 years as a Billing Manager and pursue new things in my life. My last day at my job will be the 15th of October, the day before my birthday. What a nice present to myself, right?! I feel really happy about my decision and have been planning and wanting to take this step for years. I will miss my old work and friends/co-workers, but I'm hopeful and certain that this is the right thing for my family and most importantly for me, both for my happiness and personal growth. I have many wonderful things planned in the next several months and I hope that you will enjoy all I have to bring you.

With that being said, I've decided to clean up and organize my life a bit. A big part of my life, well probably 50% of my life is knitting, so it makes sense for me to start by going through my ever growing, enormous stash and destash some of it. A nice fresh start! I really love all my yarn that I've acquired over the years, but let's get real, I don't need this much! And, even though it may seem like I'm getting rid of all of my yarn over the next week's posts, rest assured that I'm still keeping a large quantity of it to knit from. Looking at all of it covering my couches (plural!), I'm a little shocked and appalled at myself for thinking I could ever knit my way through all of this in a lifetime. And, let's not even talk about how much all of this must have cost me!

So here's how this is going to work:

- I will be posting a different weight of yarn every day to two days (starting with lace weight and working thru to bulky).
- All weight, color, and other important information will be provided in my Ravelry destash list, which I will link each yarn specifically to for your reference.
- I researched each yarn and tried to price on the lowest end (according to other Ravelers) to be competitive.
- All my yarn has been stored in plastic bags along with lavender and cedar sachets (none of the yarn has any fragrance to it, the lavender and cedar were in the drawers along side the bags for preventive measures only).
- Most of the yarn was purchased directly by me in either a LYS, yarn show, or online; however, I do have some skeins that were purchased from other Ravelers' stashes, traded and/or gifted to me. If this is the case, I will make sure to note that for your information. I will also mention if any of the yarn has been previously knit with and frogged. All pictures have been taken the day of posting, so the condition (balled, caked, in original skein) is well shown.
- US shipping is as follows: 1 skein = $2, 2 skeins = $3, 3 skeins = $4, 4 skeins = $5 and 5+ skeins is FREE. All International shipping can request a quote via PM on Rav or email to yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. Since I will be posting a new weight of yarn each day or two, if you think you may want to purchase multiple skeins of yarn throughout the posts to combine or receive free shipping, you can hold the most current skeins by sending payment for yarn alone and then wait the week or so for all the posts to finish before mailing everything out together.

The Artful Ewe - Merino/Silk Lace - $15: This is a beautiful yarn that I purchased in Kingston, WA, from the sweetest lady that runs the most magnificent little shop filled with her own hand dyed or handspun yarns. It's a very unique yarn store and I highly recommend visiting it, if you ever get a chance. I labeled this yarn as closest color to black, but it's really not a black. It has underlaying tones of deep eggplant purples, dark navy blues, and maroon tones.

Miss Babs - Yet - $11: I purchased this one online. The skein has lots of gorgeous tonal olives, evergreens, and deep teals. It isn't quite a semi-solid, but I still think it would work beautifully in a lace project.

(From left to right) Artyarns - Cameo (not a yarn that ever hit production, from what I know) - $30, Artyarns - Mohair Splash - $23, & Tilli Tomas - Flurries - $14 (entire set of 3 skeins together for $60): The Cameo was a gift from an online friend and the other two skeins I purchased myself at different times with different projects in mind, but don't they look awesome together?! I honestly think these three skeins could be knit up into a beautiful cowl, stole, wrap or shawl in a medley of combinations... stripes, different edgings, or held together, there are so many possibilities. You can purchase these skeins individually or as a set for a price break.

Malabrigo - Lace (black & olive) - $7 a piece or $12 for the set: There's not a lot to say about Mal Lace except for if you haven't held one of these in your hand before, you're missing out. It is one of the softest yarns I've ever worked with. The colors of these are pretty straight forward, the black is definitely black and the olive is olive"y".

Madelinetosh - Prairie (Grove & Wash) - $18 a piece or $34 for the set: I love this yarn! Great yardage! I was really wavering putting these up for sale, but I just have so much yarn. I originally purchased these to knit a striped shawl. I can't remember which one, but don't the colors look lovely together?! Reminds me a little of my Stripe Study.

Habu Textiles - Kushu Kushu Stainless Steel Scarf Kit - $25 (I will not break up this set): This kit knits up into this gorgeous scarf. Loved this scarf when I saw it at Churchmouse, but I'm sure I'll never get around to knitting it.

Yarnia - Custom Blends - $20: When I took a trip to Portland a few years ago, I visited Yarnia, which is a really neat store that lets you blend your own custom yarn. I chose a pretty olive colored wool, that I had the owner put two strands of onto a cone for me. I wanted a complete solid, so I used the exact same wool for both strands. Please be aware that the strands are not spun together, merely lay next to each other while being wound onto the cone. You then knit both strands together off of the cone while working on your project.

Schulana - Kid-Seta - $10: I received this as a gift from a dear non-knitting friend along with other pretty skeins for my birthday awhile ago. This yarn is really good-looking, but I've never found the right pattern to pair it with and I think it's time to pass this along to someone who will knit it into something deserving.

Feza Yarns - Kid Mohair Solid - $15 for all 3.6 skeins (I will not break up this set): These skeins I received in a trade. I do not know their complete history; however, I can tell that 3 are full skeins that are in original condition, with 1 of the skeins being only 16g about 60% of the original weight and does not look to have been knit with or frogged. I love the color of these, but again too much yarn!

That is the run for the lace weights. If you are interested in any of these lovely yarns, please contact me on Ravelry or by email at: yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. My preferred method of receiving payment is via Paypal. I'll be back tomorrow with one of my biggest bunches, the fingering/sock weight yarns!

Hugs & stitches!



katrina said...

Your birthday is the day after mine! I wish you all the best as you journey in your exciting new directions! I'll be reading along, rest assured.

Elizabeth McMurtry said...

I'm so excited to read about you leaving your job! It is a dream of mine to save and save and someday leave my job to pursue something more fulfilling (and likely less lucrative - though applying that word to my current situation makes me laugh)! I'll live vicariously through you for now. Best of luck to you! Much happiness!

Ness said...

Good luck on the fresh start!