the sock weights!

It's my favorite weight of yarn! I love knitting shawls and lacey projects with fingering weight. It's no surprise that I've acquired the most in this department and I'm probably keeping the most in this category. ;)

Repeat of the same "how it works":

- I will be posting a different weight of yarn every day to two days (starting with lace weight and working thru to bulky).
- All weight, color, and other important information will be provided in my Ravelry destash list, which I will link each yarn specifically to for your reference.
- I researched each yarn and tried to price on the lowest end (according to other Ravelers) to be competitive.
- All my yarn has been stored in plastic bags along with lavender and cedar sachets (none of the yarn has any fragrance to it, the lavender and cedar were in the drawers along side the bags for preventive measures only).
- Most of the yarn was purchased directly by me in either a LYS, yarn show, or online; however, I do have some skeins that were purchased from other Ravelers' stashes, traded and/or gifted to me. If this is the case, I will make sure to note that for your information. I will also mention if any of the yarn has been previously knit with and frogged. All pictures have been taken the day of posting, so the condition (balled, caked, in original skein) is well shown.
- US shipping is as follows: 1 skein = $2, 2 skeins = $3, 3 skeins = $4, 4 skeins = $5 and 5+ skeins is FREE. All International shipping can request a quote via PM on Rav or email to yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. Since I will be posting a new weight of yarn each day or two, if you think you may want to purchase multiple skeins of yarn throughout the posts to combine or receive free shipping, you can hold the most current skeins by sending payment for yarn alone and then wait the week or so for all the posts to finish before mailing everything out together.

Theytoldmesew - Tilt-a-whirl - $15: Unfortunately, I was unable to find a match for this yarn on Rav, because I believe this is quite old. The Etsy seller still produces and dyes yarn on her site, but only her handspun from what I can tell. This beauty of a skein was purchased from another Raveler's destash when I first started knitting socks and for some reason has after all of these years still not be used. It's really eye catching and I think it would make a great pair of socks. The cake looks to have been never knit with, but I can only guarantee that I have never knit with it.

Cider Moon - Blizzard - $15: Oh, I really love this skein! Same as above as far as purchase is concerned. I was really debating whether to keep this one, because it's one of those tonal variegated yarns that would look awesome in lace. The blues and greens in combination with black are amazing!

Blue Heron - Rayon Metallic - $30: I bought this really unique sparkly skein during a local yarn crawl several years ago in hopes of knitting it into a Clapotis. I did start knitting it, so a small portion of this skein has been knit with and frogged, but somehow fell out of love with the pattern along the way and so the story goes. I'm not one for man made materials, but this yarn is really interesting and not a gaudy kind of sparkly.

Cherry Tree Hill - Supersock Solids - $11: This little bright beauty is even more pretty in real life. It's a really bold almost, but not quite, neon yellow. I purchased this one at a yarn store locally somewhere and knit with only the beginning of the ball for the Roxanne Mystery Shawl, but lost interest along the way and frogged early on.

Maskinvaskbar - Sisu - $5 for both (I will not break up this set): This is one that I acquired in a destash. It's been in my stash for awhile now. It's a really nice color and I was hoping to make my hubby a pair of socks with it. The color is prefect for men and women.

Patons - Kroy Socks 4 Ply - $9 for all three (I will not break up this set): Same as above... destash, wanted to knit socks for hubby, never happened.

Dyepot.com - Fingering Weight - $15 for both (I will not break up this set): This wool I purchased online directly from Dyepot.com. I am unable to find a link for this specific yarn on Ravelry. The tag states 100% New Zealand Wool and it's 200 yds per skein. This yarn has a beautiful coloring, full of plums, deep purples, with splashes of gray throughout; however, be warned that this is a wool girl's wool. The wool is not very soft and definitely nowhere near a Merino. It doesn't bother me, but my tolerance for wooly yarns is quite high.

Wool Candy - Macaron MCN - $20: I bought this online and love it, but it deserves a home where it will be knit!

Anzula - Sebastian Seacell/Merino - $20: Same thing as above on this one!

Malabrigo - Sock - $15: This skein is the perfect orange! I can't remember why I bought this or where, but it's Malabrigo and I'm sure the color is what got me.

Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids - $8: Great yarn for socks or gloves! I really wanted to make this into something for hubby, because this gray is his absolute favorite.

Schachenmayr nomotta - Regia Banner Color - $8: Part of a destash. It's a self striping and the blues are really nice in this one. I'd say that it's definitely unisex.

Plymouth Yarn - Happy Feet - $10 for both (I will not break up this set): Purchased this at a cute local craft/fabric store. It's a fantastic color! I originally bought it to knit a beret, probably one of Alana's, but now looking at them, I think they would make great fingerless gloves.

Dream In Color - Starry - $16: This yarn has a little sparkle to it and I loved the colors. I bought this myself at a LYS. Dream In Color is one of my most favorite yarn brands and this yarn would be stunning for a shawl, in my opinion.

Madelinetosh - Tosh Merino Light (From top to bottom: Stovepipe, Envy, Filigree, & Luster - $15 each or $56 for the set: TML is by far one of my most favorite yarns! I love the soft halo the single ply creates, the almost handspun quality of the twist and Madtosh just has the colors I crave. It's sad to let these go, but there's so many other yarns out there that I would like to try. I need to get outta my rut!

That's it for the sock run! If you are interested in any of these lovely yarns, please contact me on Ravelry or by email at: yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. My preferred method of receiving payment is via Paypal. Sport weights are next! I'm hoping I have enough light to get them photographed today.

Hugs & stitches!


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