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Maybe I fibbed a bit in my last post... I think I have the most in Sport weights, closely followed by the Worsted weights. Eeeeeeek! There is a lot of yarn! It's taken me two days to get this whole batch and my DK's ready for posting over the next couple of days. I did miss a couple of fingering skeins along the way, so I will be posting those at the top. Let's begin!

Repeat of the same "how it works":

- I will be posting a different weight of yarn every day to two days (starting with lace weight and working thru to bulky).
- All weight, color, and other important information will be provided in my Ravelry destash list, which I will link each yarn specifically to for your reference.
- I researched each yarn and tried to price on the lowest end (according to other Ravelers) to be competitive.
- All my yarn has been stored in plastic bags along with lavender and cedar sachets (none of the yarn has any fragrance to it, the lavender and cedar were in the drawers along side the bags for preventive measures only).
- Most of the yarn was purchased directly by me in either a LYS, yarn show, or online; however, I do have some skeins that were purchased from other Ravelers' stashes, traded and/or gifted to me. If this is the case, I will make sure to note that for your information. I will also mention if any of the yarn has been previously knit with and frogged. All pictures have been taken the day of posting, so the condition (balled, caked, in original skein) is well shown.
- US shipping is as follows: 1 skein = $2, 2 skeins = $3, 3 skeins = $4, 4 skeins = $5 and 5+ skeins is FREE. All International shipping can request a quote via PM on Rav or email to yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. Since I will be posting a new weight of yarn each day or two, if you think you may want to purchase multiple skeins of yarn throughout the posts to combine or receive free shipping, you can hold the most current skeins by sending payment for yarn alone and then wait the week or so for all the posts to finish before mailing everything out together.

(FINGERING) Dyepot.com - Happy Hooves - $15: Really neat texture and feel to this yarn. It looks yummy for a pair of socks, which was my original intent with it.

(FINGERING) Classic Elite Yarns - Alpaca Sox - $13 each or $36 for the set: Please note one of the skeins is missing the tag and so I am unable to confirm that dye lots match, but they all look alike. I purchased these three skeins from another Raveler in hopes of knitting this vest. Never happened and it looks like such a great pattern and yarn. So sad.

Dyepot.com - Handpainted Yarn - $10: Again, I was unable to find this in the Rav database. The tag states it's wool, sport weight and 400 yds. Lovely dusty purple-blue color. I did knit into the beginning of this skein when I thought it would work for a striped shawl; however, the contrasting color I was using at the time was not contrasting enough, so it was frogged promptly.

Filatura Di Crosa - Maxime Print - $5: This yarn is so, so cute! It knits up with little pink spots/dots speckled throughout. Perfect for little baby girl knits.

Lane Cervinia - Calzetteria - $5 for both (I will not break up this set): I got this in a destash. Love the color and looks like a nice hardy yarn for socks. I'm thinking that I at some point had plans to knit my hubby a dozen pairs that I obviously did not think through very well.

Lane Cervinia - Calzetteria - $5 for both (I will not break up this set): Ditto from above!

Raven Frog Fiber Arts - Marvelous Merino - $28: Please note that this skein is 550 yds, and not the 200 something I linked it to. I believe they are the same base, but I purchased a really extra large skein at some point. This yarn is beautiful! I could see a gorgeous shawl or a little baby sweater knit from this.

Jo Sharp - Alpaca Silk Georgette - $5 each or $40 for the set: The color of this yarn is to die for! I love this muted mauve. There's plenty here for a sweater and it's a really nice blend. It's just looking for a nice home!

The Fibre Company - Road to China Light - $12 each or $110 for the set: I really hate to see this go! After going through my stash recently, I've discovered that I really like yellow. I did not know this about myself. This yarn is amazing. It's The Fibre Company, folks!

Wool Candy - Sugar Suri Merino - $20: This yarn is magnificent! I've never actually knit with it, but the coloring and the softness in skein form are out of this world.

Wool Candy - Sugar Suri Merino - $20: This is the same as above, just different color.

Berroco - Ultra Alpaca Light - $5 each or $16 for the set: Please note that one of the skeins is a different dye lot, but looks the same as the others. Love this yarn! I've worked with it in the past and am only letting this go, because I never found a pattern I wanted to use it for.

Blue Sky Alpacas - Melange (Light Gray & Gold) - $8 each or $14 for the set: Please note that tag says Sport Weight and not Melange on the gray skein. However, gauge, weight, fiber content and yardage on tag are the same. I am pretty sure they are the same yarn. These two I purchased to use in a stripey hat. Never got around to it.

Madelinetosh - Tosh Sport - $15 each or $56 for the set: Please note that the color of these skeins is a little washed out in this picture. They are a bit darker and a little more blue-green. Purchased these skeins to knit myself another Ravi. You can guess what happened. My loss, your gain.

Whew! That was a lot this time! Be sure to check back on my Lace and Sock posts to see what is still available if you are interested in combining shipping or getting FREE shipping. If you are interested in any of these lovely yarns, please contact me on Ravelry or by email at: yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. My preferred method of receiving payment is via Paypal. Tomorrow the DK's.

Hugs & stitches!


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