here come the DK's

I wanted to start by saying thank you for the overwhelming response. I've cleared about half of the things listed already and I really appreciate the interest and support. I'm feeling lighter already!

Along this organizing, photographing, listing, selling, shipping journey, I've noticed weird little quirks about my knitting or more specifically, yarn shopping habits. I can tell that during certain times I was more attracted to a certain weight of yarn and within that shopping period I was usually into only a color or two. For example: my lace stage was predominately black (or dark shades of purple) and greens, those lovely pukey, bile colored yellow-greens especially. Then my sock stash went through a period of variegated skeins for socks (that never got knit), then it switched to semi-solids in a rainbow of colors that were mostly a shade of gray, blue, green, or teal (which is really a mix of blue-green!) for shawls and lace, and my last post revealed my love for everything that is sport weight in yellow! I'm not sure if it was seasonal or just my tastes changing, but I do know for sure that DK weight is a favorite of mine for sweater knitting, not too bulky and not too thin so the project still moves along quickly, and I seem to have the very least in this size category. Interesting! Maybe I've knit with all of it. After I'm done writing this, I'm going to check out my projects because I'm curious. Since there's not very much to save or sell of my DK's, today's post will be short unfortunately.

Repeat of the same "how it works":

- I will be posting a different weight of yarn every day to two days (starting with lace weight and working thru to bulky).
- All weight, color, and other important information will be provided in my Ravelry destash list, which I will link each yarn specifically to for your reference.
- I researched each yarn and tried to price on the lowest end (according to other Ravelers) to be competitive.
- All my yarn has been stored in plastic bags along with lavender and cedar sachets (none of the yarn has any fragrance to it, the lavender and cedar were in the drawers along side the bags for preventive measures only).
- Most of the yarn was purchased directly by me in either a LYS, yarn show, or online; however, I do have some skeins that were purchased from other Ravelers' stashes, traded and/or gifted to me. If this is the case, I will make sure to note that for your information. I will also mention if any of the yarn has been previously knit with and frogged. All pictures have been taken the day of posting, so the condition (balled, caked, in original skein) is well shown.
- US shipping is as follows: 1 skein = $2, 2 skeins = $3, 3 skeins = $4, 4 skeins = $5 and 5+ skeins is FREE. All International shipping can request a quote via PM on Rav or email to yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. Since I will be posting a new weight of yarn each day or two, if you think you may want to purchase multiple skeins of yarn throughout the posts to combine or receive free shipping, you can hold the most current skeins by sending payment for yarn alone and then wait the week or so for all the posts to finish before mailing everything out together.

Fleece Artist - Woolie Silk 3-Ply - $13: I originally purchased 3 of these skeins to knit a sweater for Jaz, but then ended up using two skeins for a Juneberry instead. I just noticed that I never posted a projects page for this shawl! It is one of my all time most favorite knit to date. It's what started my obsession with lace shawls and everytime I wear this shawl, I get tons of compliments. It could be the sweet pink of the color, the sheen and touchable softness of the silk and wool together, or the beautiful pattern itself. There's not enough here to make another shawl, but the yarn is magical.

Misti Alpaca - Hand Paint Tonos Pima Silk - $15: Bought this skein in a yarn crawl and it came with a shawl pattern that I have long lost. The color is a gorgeous blue that has semi-tonal variegating. Perfect for a shawlette.

Cider Moon - Glacier - $70 for all 7.28 skeins (I will not break up this set): I acquired this in a destash. I used some of it to knit this, this, and a Maxfield that I have yet to photograph. The yarn worked so well in garter and in the stripes with a semi-solid, but I would recommend alternating skeins to resist pooling in stockinette. After all of that, I still have the 7+ skeins (801g) left of this yarn. It needs to move onto a different home now! Please note that I do not have original tags for this. I did remember that the yarn was Cider Moon, the color was Taos, and it was DK weight. I found this Flickr image and am pretty sure this is the yarn.

Sublime Yarns - Kid Mohair Blend - $6 each or $30 for the set: Purchased this to knit this. I'm over it!

Sublime Yarns - Kid Mohair Blend - $6 each or $35 for the set: Same as above. I had grand plans to knit two of those sweaters.

Louisa Harding Yarns - Grace Hand Dyed + Beaded - $33 for the set (I will not break up this set): The pink of the non-beaded skeins is eye catching and bold! I purchased the yarn originally at a LYS that has since closed and somehow along the way acquired the cute beaded skein, not sure how or where. They are the same yarns from what I can tell except the color and beaded part. I really like how they look together though and plan on knitting them into one garment or accessory if not purchased as a set by one of you. That's the only reason I'm not looking to split up this bundle.

That's it. I'll be posting Worsted and Aran/Bulky this weekend, so watch for that. Check out my Lace, Sock and Sport posts to see what is still available if you are interested in combining shipping or getting FREE shipping. If you are interested in any of these lovely yarns, please contact me on Ravelry or by email at: yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. My preferred method of receiving payment is via Paypal.

Happy knitting!


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