last but not least, the bulky's

I guess I don't have as many bulky yarns as I thought I did. I just had them stored away incorrectly. Half of my bulky drawer is/was Aran weights! So, this post is going to be a mix of Aran and Bulky (I'll start with the Aran yarns and label them for you). Enjoy!

Repeat of the same "how it works":

- I will be posting a different weight of yarn every day to two days (starting with lace weight and working thru to bulky).
- All weight, color, and other important information will be provided in my Ravelry destash list, which I will link each yarn specifically to for your reference.
- I researched each yarn and tried to price on the lowest end (according to other Ravelers) to be competitive.
- All my yarn has been stored in plastic bags along with lavender and cedar sachets (none of the yarn has any fragrance to it, the lavender and cedar were in the drawers along side the bags for preventive measures only).
- Most of the yarn was purchased directly by me in either a LYS, yarn show, or online; however, I do have some skeins that were purchased from other Ravelers' stashes, traded and/or gifted to me. If this is the case, I will make sure to note that for your information. I will also mention if any of the yarn has been previously knit with and frogged. All pictures have been taken the day of posting, so the condition (balled, caked, in original skein) is well shown.
- US shipping is as follows: 1 skein = $2, 2 skeins = $3, 3 skeins = $4, 4 skeins = $5 and 5+ skeins is FREE. All International shipping can request a quote via PM on Rav or email to yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. Since I will be posting a new weight of yarn each day or two, if you think you may want to purchase multiple skeins of yarn throughout the posts to combine or receive free shipping, you can hold the most current skeins by sending payment for yarn alone and then wait the week or so for all the posts to finish before mailing everything out together.

(ARAN) Debbie Bliss - Alpaca Silk Aran - $7 each or $18 for set of 3: This yarn is so soft. It's too bad I never got around to knitting with it.

(ARAN) Rowan - Kidsilk Aura - $36 for the set (I will not break up this set): PLEASE NOTE THAT ONE OF THE SKEINS HAS BEEN PARTIALLY KNIT WITH AND FROGGED. This was one of my first expensive purchases and I had high hopes of knitting a Muir back then. I'm not sure why the sales lady recommended an Aran weight versus a lace and why she only sold me about a 1/3 of the yarn than I actually needed for the project. I can only guess that this was the only suitable Mohair yarn that they had for me to buy, or it could have possibly been the price tag! None the less, gorgeous yarn!

(ARAN) Valley Yarns - Amherst (brown & charcoal) - $3 each or $5 for set: Hat yarn for hubby. Great masculine colors.

(ARAN) Manos del Uruguay - Wool Clasica - $5: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SKEIN HAS BEEN PARTIALLY KNIT WITH AND FROGGED. Good, classic yarn. It is not the softest, but it has a cool thick thin personality.

Araucania - Nature Cotton - $10 for the set (I will not break up this set): Not sure why I originally purchased this, because I'm not a fan of straight up cotton, but looking at it now, I think it would make a cute little baby sweater or vest. The yarn is categorized as a Bulky, but I would put it more at an Aran weight.

Plymouth Yarn - Baby Alpaca Grande - $8: I believe this was a gift from a friend. The yarn has been caked, but not knit with. It's super soft and perfect for a quick holiday knit.

Twinkle Handknits - Soft Chunky (yellow & red) - $10 each or $18 for set: This yarn is so quick to knit up. Perfect colors (probably not together) and squishy soft goodness!

Ozark Handspun - Handspun (all blue & blue/tan mix) - $12 each of $22 for the set: This yarn is so ugly it's cute. Alright, it's not ugly, it's very artsy-fartsy handspun. I've saw this knit into mittens in a magazine pattern (can't remember which) and it actually looked pretty good. I got this in a trade, and I know I'm never going to knit it, but one of you might wanna. If I don't sell these bad boys, they are going to be cut up and made into fun and expensive pom poms!

And, that is finally it! For those of you that have purchased other skeins from me and are finished shopping, watch for an email from me letting you know if you owe anything for shipping. Reply when you are ready and I'll be shipping everything out by the end of this week hopefully. If you are interested in any of these lovely yarns, please contact me on Ravelry or by email at: yarnonthehouse@gmail.com. My preferred method of receiving payment is via Paypal.

Hugs & stitches!


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