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My final day at my office job is fast approaching and I can't seem to sit still. It's all a bit surreal. Thank you to everyone that has helped me clear out a large portion of my stash. I can't thank you enough! In a time of uncertainty, adventure, and big dreams, you've made it a bit easier for me, not too mention, helped clean out a bit of my home. I've filtered through the remaining yarns and picked out a few to keep, and I've made sure my Ravelry Stash Trade/Sell Page is fully upto date. Here's my final push to get these wonderful skeins out the door and into your happy knitting hands... if you purchase 5+ skeins of yarn, I will not only give you FREE shipping in the US, but I'll take 25% off the asking price!

All I have to share picture wise with you this week is my finished, blocked, around my neck Sonetto Shawl. Please disregard the green taped walls that still need painting!


- I've decided to keep the skein of Woolie Silk. My sister in Prague is going to have her second baby girl this winter and I think this pretty pink will make a beautiful little sweater. It's soft and the color is one of my sister's favorite. I'm thinking of these three options: #1, #2, or #3. All the options are FREE, which a nice added bonus. Help me decide!

- This is a knit that I tagged last week. Loving the dropped shoulder thang!

- It could be the gray scale of this shawl pattern that I'm loving, but nice none the less.

- Kirsten rocks!

- The yarn store I will be working at soon has asked for us to pick out a quick, one-skein holiday pattern to knit for a store sample. I've picked this one. Surprised?!

- A big goal this upcoming year is to learn to crochet more proficiently. If only to make this blanket.

- I'm pretty sure I'd look awesome in this.

- The yarn store also asked for my favorite helpful knitting websites. These are the ones I came up with: KnittingHelp.com, Knitty.com, YouTube, and my all time favorite, TechKnitting.com. Any others that you can think of or that have helped you along the way?

Have a great weekend!



Renee Anne said...

I vote for Autumn Leaves for the sweater. I've also made the Malie Sweater (from What to Expect When You're Expecting - but I used the free version)...that would be good for a baby girl, too.

As for helpful knitting websites, try Gifts For Knitters (it's for the people that love us knitters and are clueless what to get us for various things). And I'm not just saying this because I know the owner of said site...

Boston Knitter said...

I've made both the Autumn Leaves and the Puerperium Cardigan. I say go with a pattern in a larger size, because the Puerperium Cardigan is rather impractical unless you know the baby will be tiny. I was lucky with my Puerperium Cardigan's recipient, in that he was delivered incredibly early and at only six pounds has plenty of chilly autumn left for that toasty sweater.

I also only made the Puerperium because, while rather impractical, I knew the mom would be able to really appreciate the love, time, and effort behind every stitch (in fact, she cried when she first laid eyes on it). I personally don't make really special items like that unless I know the recipient will really "get" the significance.

Maryse said...

I really like the Sunnyside Cardigans by Tanis Lavallée! Free pattern and two options!

As for technical web site, I really like the posts on this blog: http://knitpurlhunter.com/blog/ I think the videos are very well done!