knitterly finds

It's been awhile since I posted a new knitterly finds. I feel like the days are just running away from me! Too much to do and catch up on around my house now that I am home full time. I've also been happily knitting away on the Wellwood sweater that I started awhile back. It seems to be the never ending sweater, but I enjoy Brooklyn Tweed's Loft very much, so it hasn't been all that bad. However, I do have a bunch of stuff in my queue and I got to get this sweater off the needles like yesterday. By the way, I love the way the pullover is styled with a longer length floral tunic. Any suggestions for one?

In other news, a couple days ago, I was excited to see the new Knitbot Yoked book arrive in my mail! This is Hannah Fettig's new collection of yoked sweaters all knit out of Quince & Co.'s Owl yarn line. It's such a sweet book! It features 4 sweater patterns and a matching beret and fingerless mitt set. Also, in the back of the book, Hannah includes a couple different colorwork charts that you can swap out in some of the sweater yokes to give you some options. I'm not only a fan of Hannah's work, but the Q&C yarns, so this one is a winner for me!

I was lucky enough to knit a sample for this collection and try out the Owl yarn. Here is a picture I shared on Instagram today of the sweater I knit (the green one is my handy work)...


- Outside of wanting to knit the Willard Fair Isle Pullover from the Knitbot Yoked book, I'm getting ready to swatch and knit a Oshima. I recently visited my friend, Linsay, in Alaska and we decided to do a little KAL together. I'm a bad friend and KAL'er though, because I just haven't been able to break out my yarn and get to knitting yet. She already has two sleeves done!

- For the trip to Alaska I did take along a pair of socks to knit on though. Love them with all my heart!

- Tolt Yarn & Wool, the new yarn store that I will be working at, has officially announced their Grand Opening day, November 9th, this Saturday! I'm very excited! I'll be working that day, so if you are in the area and would like to stop by, please do. The first 100 customers get a little goodie bag.

- I settled on knitting the Autumn Leaves for my new niece arriving soon, which is another project I need to get OTN!

- I'm about to CO a Cepa wrap to knit up as a store sample for Tolt Yarn & Wool. I'm using Fibre Company's Meadow, the yarn the pattern calls for, but I'm having trouble meeting gauge on my swatches. I'm hitting slightly too big at 22 sts and the correct row gauge on 7's or using 6's I'm right on for the st gauge and off on the row gauge with 36 rows instead of 30. I'm liking the look and feel of the US 6 swatch, so my gut is telling me to go with that since my sts are on. I could also switch to straight bamboo needles and try swatching, but I'm really dreading knitting such a long wrap on straights if I get gauge! What do you think?

Happy knitting, and I'll be back later this week with a small giveaway!



amchart said...

I'm so jealous of your sample knitting! I'm knitting that sweater for my it-has-to-be-plainer-than-plain 15 year old son!

Maryse said...

Lots of project in your near future!

Mary said...

New blog reader...coming from Instagram (I'm mere2007 there). Love the little peeks into your knitterly life and congratulations on that gorgeous sample in Hannah's new collection. re: the Meadow (I'm using it to knit Hannah's featherweight - it's one of my favorite yarns right now!) I wonder if your row gauge might grow a bit when you wet block? regardless, I'd go with the 6s, stretch a bit lengthwise with blocking if you can...and love it!

Boston Knitter said...

I did an Autumn Leaves for my cousin's daughter. It's a really nice knit, and once you get started, it goes fairly quickly--at least the yoke. The plain body can get a little tedious, but I was so excited to see it finished that I managed to hurry myself along and get it done for her shower.

Suzanne said...

I know just how you feel with the Loft. I knit and knit and knit on my Boardwalk and I seemed to get nowhere until magically it was done. Congrats on all the good befalling you with your knitting these days.

Harley Jackman said...

Well all of those things are just adorable! I would love to have a sweater like that! I founds some lovely cotton yarn too at paradisefibers.com