knitterly finds

I haven't done a knitterly finds in awhile and I seem to have stumbled across some fabulous knit worthy things recently. I thought I would share...

Buy yarn...smarter with StashBot for iOS! from Knitbot on Vimeo.

When Little Bro and I visited Maine, I had a chance to catch up and meet the very lovely and super talented Hannah Fettig. I had done some sample knitting for her throughout the years and so it was really a pleasure to actually meet in real life. She and her darling little girl, gave me an awesome tour of Portland via car ride and it was just my kind of site seeing. We chatted yarn, knitting, design, a bit about our goals for the near future, and how to juggle everything while being moms. It was really a sweet meet up and I hope that Hannah comes to visit here in Washington soon, so I can return the favor. One of the things Hannah told me about was the fantastic app and commercial she was putting together for Stashbot. If you don't know what Stashbot is, hop over to her page to check it out, but essentially it's a knitter's dream tool to help us estimate yardage needed for projects. I use and recommend her Stashbot book at Tolt Yarn & Wool, where I work, all the time. I'll actually have a few copies of this conveniently sized small booklet for sale at Knit Fit as well, which I hope you will visit me at. However, this new app looks even more handy and accessible, not to mention how perfect and funny the commercial above turned out. You need to watch it!

It was my birthday last week and my super smart and wonderful friend, Susan, gave me about the best little beading knitting tool I've ever seen! It comes in multiple sizes too. I have yet to actually use it in a project, but I had to try it out right away, and it's brilliant. I'm teaching a Beaded Shawl Class this Saturday, so perfect timing to share and I'll have some at Knit Fit with me!

Our MCN yarns are so soft and cuddly... cashmere and merino, mmmmmm! Unfortunately that means that pilling can be an issue, so I'm always on the look out for the perfect pill removing gizmo, and I think I have found it. Again, I'll have them at Knit Fit and half of them are already spoken for by the gals at my Stitch Circle.

Now that the website is live, orders are flowing in, Little Bro is happily handling the mailing in a timely manner and I'm about to turn into a knitting machine to crank out multiple samples for the Knit Fit show. We'll see what that really means at the end of the day, but in the meantime it means I get to spend some Ravelry time working up a knitting queue with the latest and greatest. I'm drooling over these puppies:

Fading Lines Joji never disappoints and I think our Little Brother gradient sticks (available exclusively at Tolt and we'll have them at Knit Fit!) would look spectacular in this.

a 'woolly & warm & tres long' scarf by beautiful friend and co-worker Tif aka Dottie Angel. She is a skilled expert in the craft of crochet and I think her new freebie crochet pattern would look delightful in Big Sister.

Have you seen cabinfour?! I stumbled across this gal at work when someone mentioned her patterns and I want to make everything. Our color palette would make a foolproof match for her designs, in my opinion.

There's more, but I have to run and start knitting now. I still have leg warmers to finish. Hugs & stitches!



Sally HP said...

I JUST added the woolly and warm scarf to my queue the other day I didn't think about big sister with it-now I will!!!

Sally HP said...

I just watched the commercial...and am downloading the app-I love the 'granny squares!' Exclamation, ha ha!

Deb said...

Just found out about your yarn from Dottie Angel! I adore your blog, your webpage and most of all your yarn! I will be ordering some soon. Love the video! I can relate :)
Have a terrific weekend!