number collection + restock

We just got back from Stitches West yesterday and what a whirlwind! We had such an amazing time in California and the Stitches West event. It was fun to meet everyone in person, chat with folks about what they are knitting and what fun things they were buying. It was also great to see all the other lovely vendors and friends that were there. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our booth, supported our brand, and sent us lots of love even after the event.

The bad news is that Stitches has cleaned out our stock! The good news is that we had 5 big boxes of yarn sitting on our doorstep when we got home. We've added the new yarn in and if you are one of the folks waiting on some Raw Palette colors, I would recommend hopping over to the shop and seeing if we have what you want available. We've also sent a large order to our dyehouse since being home and they are working hard on restocking the remaining colors as quickly as possible. Thank you for being patient with us while we get refilled.

Just an update on the Fresh Palette, we are not quite ready to launch those online. If you visited our booth this past weekend, you had a chance to see the colors in person; however, we do not have our photography ready yet for online purchasing and there are a final few blues and greens that are getting some color tweaking to be just right. Plus, I have a fun KAL and beautiful new sweater pattern by a friend of mine that we will be debuting with the launch. It'll be worth the wait, I promise!

And, last but not least, the Number Collection. We released and introduced our first knitwear collection at Stitches West. We were so thrilled to have received such a loving reception and I'm happy to say that the collection is now available online to purchase on Ravelry. There's even a bunch of little KAL's that have popped up in our YarnOnTheHouse group. I need to join in and knit 004, because we could use a try on sample for our next two shows in April, VKL Pasadena & Stitches South in Nashville. Here's some eye candy from the Collection...







It'll be interesting to see which patterns are favorites on Rav. There were definitely two that stood out at Stitches: 002 & 005, and I know which are my two favorites: 001 & 006. Which ones do you like?

Hugs & stitches!



Jennifer said...

Love 001!

UmmRania said...

Such a beautiful collection, I think I like 004 the best. I have been following your blog for a few years and I just love your new business, your colors just speak to me.

Lorelei Eurto said...

My favorite is 006! I absolutely adore it! Now I just have to choose a color! It's between Cacao and Fig- which one is more purple?? The images on Tolt vs. your website each show them a little bit differently. Just discovered your site, and am really excited to try out the Big Sister DK!

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