sad you're missing stitches?

Wish you were with us. Check us out on livestream via Little Bro's GoPro, live at the event!

If you are in town and want to join the party, join us at booths: 1040, 1042, 1139 & 1141. Especially if you want to see the new Number Collection launch and visit with Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond (Friday 1-3pm & Sat 10am-noon). Oh, and there'll be some yarn too!

Hugs & stitches!


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Joleen Bennett said...

I just saw your booth for the first time today at Stitches West. I love everything about it! Awesome display, patterns, colors and textures. The atmosphere of your booth is the ideal setting for your amazingly soft wool! I can't wait for your 'number collection' pattern series to become available online. I bought 004 today!