poms on everything!

I've spent quite awhile recently searching and sourcing fur pom poms. I kept debating between ethically sourced genuine or faux fur... back and forth, back and forth. Love the look of real, but honestly, how long are huge fur pom poms going to be on trend? Would I really want to spend the bucks on the authentic stuff? I think I've found the perfect compromise.

pom poms-3

pom poms-2

pom poms-1

Aren't they wonderful?! We currently have only black in stock and they're going fast. The hat is my 'izel' pattern, and remember that you get free shipping with 3+ skeins. Order 2 Big Sister skeins for the 'izel' and a Father skein for the Father Cables or Thea Colman's Another Bourbon and then add enough poms to make your heart content. Done and done.

Hugs & stitches!



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