a YOTH gallery experience + a new pattern

We're rolling into Minneapolis this week to host a big event we've appropriately named the YOTH Gallery Experience at StevenBe. We're pulling out all the stops and setting up our entire booth inside of StevenBe! Come visit with us if you are near by. Details on our Events page.


Other than that... we have a new pattern for you. Thank you to all the knitters out there that we met along our travels recently who have been waiting patiently for this to launch. We hope you enjoy this sweet relaxing knit using our newest Mother yarn, a heavy lace weight that shouldn't scare you off with the word lace. It's a treat to knit and an interesting shape with buttons and eyelets along the edges that make it wearable in a million different ways. Named after our dear friend, Jenny, that we love so much!





Hugs & stitches!

-Veronika, Big Sister


Woll-Lilie said...

Thank you for this really pretty and free shawl-pattern!

Carla Aloisini said...

Thank you :)

Kit said...

My mother always said, " You don't get anything for free." Thank you YOTH, for your fabulous site and gorgeous. FREE PATTERN, You are a very generous group.
Thanks again,
Kit Doll Shemas

Sue Davis said...

Making it now , can’t wait to see it finished . Love it , thanks for sharing the pattern .