it's a Stacey Malabrigo yarn necklace!

Stacey (StacieKnitsIt on Ravelry) has followed in the same blog tradition and sent over an adorable picture of her and her new Malabrigo (from the 2nd giveaway) to share with the YOTH followers. And, what a great picture indeed! Who wouldn't want Malabrigo to hang around their neck all day long?!

Here's what Stacey had to say:

"I wound the yarn into cakes already. Next, I plan to work on a UFO sweater and see if it is worth saving, but I am tempted to knit up the Malabrigo soon into the 5th Avenue Infinity Cowl. I've been thinking about what to knit this yarn into and I'm pretty sure that is what this will become.

I'll think of you while knitting with the yarn and wearing it."

Ahhhhhh, how sweet! I'm really happy that you like your yarn, Stacey, and we want to see the cowl once it's done too. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone. I'm off to go random.org the winner for the Eco Alpaca, get the photos I took of the model and yarn for tomorrow's giveaway ready, and head out to a coffee shop with some close girlfriends of mine that I am teaching how to knit (I've finally talked them into it - now let's just see how many of them will actually get hooked).




Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Stacey! Congrats! Looks yummmmmy Maaaaaaaal.

Turtle said...