giveaway #8

Last giveaway's winner is: Anne (aanderson), who posted on the 15th saying that she has never seen Madelinetosh yarn before. I'm glad that I can introduce you then! Please shoot me an email at yarnonthehouse@gmail.com with your info to claim your prize.

This week the post is going to be sweet and short. This is the 3rd Madelinetosh giveaway in the 4 part series that I am hosting and this week's yarn is soooooooooo very pretty and I got a good looking model for you again! Meet Jared and your Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in the color Cedar.

This yarn is so squishy and soft! It is made of superwash merino wool and the skein boasts 950 yds!! The colorway is amazing in person. I'm not sure my pictures do this yarn justice. During the first MadTosh giveaway, Robin commented that Cedar is her favorite color. She said, "It nearly glows." And, I think she's right! Here's another picture for you to enjoy.

And, here's another picture of Jared with the yarn:

Thank you, Jared for modeling the yarn for us this week! Jared is Alison's husband (Alison is my cute pregnant friend that modeled the red MadTosh a couple weeks ago). Jared is also my husband's best friend from childhood. They attended church camp together as kids and got into trouble together when they were teenagers! Pretty much Jared and Alison are more like family to us than just our friends. So, thank you Jared and Ali for being my models, and I'm sure everyone here will want to see pictures of your little boy once he arrives in April (or May).

I would like you to do the following if you would like to be entered into this week's giveaway:

1) Have an address in the US to ship the yarn to. If you have a friend or relative that has a US mailing address who is willing to be your shipping sponsor, that will work as well. I will send it to them and they can then forward it on to you.

2) Post a comment on this blog post by the end of Sunday, 3/28/2010, telling us your favorite place to knit. Anne (the winner of last week's giveaway) suggested this question and I thought it was a really good one. My favorite place to knit is at home in bed with channel 934 on (which is a music channel called Soundscapes and plays very soothing music that most of the time has no vocals), and a few candles lit to set the mood. In all honesty though, this favorite knitting place is usually occupied by my little girl, my little dogs, and my husband, so the channel is not set to 934 and the candles are a hazard!

3) Please post only one comment to give everyone a fair chance.

Again, I'll randomly pick the winner on Sunday and post the results on Monday along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone.




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Magpye said...

Oh my gosh I want to win...gorgeous.

My favorite place to knit is almost anywhere I am with free hands. I usually like to be seating though.

kgmama said...

My favorite place to knit is in a little corner on the couch, with my husband and my daughter next to me. We may all be doing something different, but we're all together. The only thing that would make it better would be if my son were here too.

That is gorgeous yarn! I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe, maybe, I'll get a chance to finally try Madelnetosh.

Alex said...

I prefer to knit in the car on long road trips when my husband drives. Lately I've been knitting on the couch while watching movies, but I have to keep watching the same movies over and over again so I don't get distracted from my knitting. :) Also, when I knit on the couch, I have to protect all knitting related things from cats, which makes it a little difficult!
I've never used Madelinetosh, but I'm hearing more and more about it every day!

Camille said...

Oh, it's beautiful! I'll knit pretty much anywhere, but I love to curl up in the corner of the couch.

triedandtrue said...

What a gorgeous color! I'll have to see in my LYS carries Madelinetosh, because this photo makes me want to touch some in real life.

My favorite place to knit is on the loveseat - room for me, the needles and yarn. A movie or the TV can be on so that my husband can watch and I can quietly and peacefully create something out of sticks and fiber. Neat!

Lobug said...

I love to knit in my old rocking chair while surrounded by my family- talking, reading, or whatever. :-)

Sophia said...

I love to knit outside while the children are playing. On a beautiful day, its the best combination ever!!!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

ooh, ooh, ooooh, that is pretty yarn!! my favorite thing about knitting is that it is wonderfully portable letting me take my project nearly everywhere! i currently love knitting at the coffee shop on the occasion that i can leave the house SANS KIDS!!


knittingknirvana said...

I love to knit at home, on the couch, watching DVRed TV, and sipping a beverage (hot chocolate, coffee, merlot, iced tea--all depends on my mood).

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous color. My favorite place to knit is on my sofa with my feet up on my big ottomon

Betsie said...

I love to sit and knit on a bench in the park while my kids play nearby. It's even better if there is a latte sitting on the bench next to me :o)

stringsofpurls said...

My favorite place to knit is in my big comfy chair in my family room. A good movie, my hubby on the couch and a cup of hot tea. Bliss!

Jaime said...

I love to knit at home or on long trips, in the car, at airports, You name it.

Unknown said...

My favorite place to knit in in my lounger beside my pool in the back yard on a lovely sunny day. It's heaven to me. :o)

zaftig2k at yahoo dot com

YarnOnTheHouse said...

POSTING FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you everyone for posting! -Ve

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